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Nadine, Naughty and Nice

It’s fun to rock the sweet and salty thing… and not many women can do nice and naughty like Nadine.  Here’s just a little peek into our Boudoir shoot at Casa del Mar.  Amazing hair and make-up by Monica De La Rosa.

CAUTION:  These images contain nudity.  Although, I chose not to post the pics we shot in the shower, since those are way too XXX for a family blog 🙂


As I wind down my hectic family portrait season in the next two weeks, I look forward to continue shooting lots of boudoir for surprise Christmas gifts 😉  Although not all of those shoots will be posted, since you just might be one of the lucky recipients!



Ooh, la la!

A sneak peek into Mademoiselle Nadine’s boudoir… shot at Casa del Mar in Santa Monica on Tuesday.  Although Nadine may seem all sweet and serene lounging on this chaise… things heated up quickly and we finished the shoot in a glass shower!

I’ll post more soon…  Lots of boudoir sessions this week 🙂  and a big heartfelt thank you to Monica de la Rosa for an amazing job with hair and make-up.

We all have to go out to Bottega Louie again soon!





Nudes No. 1

Ed Weston and his grandson Kim Weston are two of my favorite photographers and a huge inspiration.  So when Michelle Magdalena (a talented fine art photographer) put together a workshop at the Weston Estate, I jumped right in!  Even better, it was over the course of a few days on my birthday weekend.  I had the absolute best time – I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than doing something creative that I love and am passionate about and spend time with fellow artists, muses, great people, and a photography icon.  I mean, I was walking around in my boots at the Weston estate, Wildcat, shooting nudes, where Ed Weston shot his famous nudes and where Kim shoots now – wow, it was surreal and one of the ultimate experiences of my lifetime, truly.

It was my first time photographing nudes, and inspired by Kim’s instruction, I challenged myself to shoot in new ways: underexposing, using props, and posing models…. as well as challenging myself in post: pushing contrast and no retouching!… glorious no retouching!!… to leave the female form in it’s perfectly imperfect beautiful state.  Here’s a peek at the first of the series… lots more to come 🙂


There are more images from other photographers who were at the workshop on this blog, here.

Let me know what you think of my first attempt… I love reading your comments!



More Madison Madness

People get addicted to shooting with me what can I say :)))  Many of my boudoir women are on their second and third shoots, but none came back as quickly as Madison… who you’ll no doubt remember from last week’s Room Service boudoir sessions Part 1 and 2 at the Biltmore Hotel.  Those pictures brought my little ol’ blog here to record high traffic numbers… and it has stayed up :))  wink wink.

This time we hit the studio and the talented Mr. Jeff Siegel did a phenomenal job with make-up.



Ah, the fun you can have in a chair….


These pics were more about Madison’s love of jewerly and being comfortable in her own skin, relaxed and happy and barely covered.  Whereas the Room Service pics were more hot hotel mistress and part fashion shoot…  Which ones do you prefer?  Anything else you’d like to see… Let me know!

Actually, you will be seeing more – this weekend I’ll be shooting some fine art nudes 🙂  stayed tuned!



Room Service, Part 2

Hello boys! If you didn’t get enough of Madison’s hotel boudoir shoot yesterday – here is a peek inside Room #703.  Whew, M’s got one kickin’ silhoutte!


Can’t you just feel this?!


I don’t know why, but I love this one.  Maybe it’s the look in her eye and the messy imperfect hair…


We just had to do this once we saw that sign in the room…


Well we were all wiped out after that shoot, had a drink at the hotel bar, grabbed dinner at Bottega Louie downtown (my new favorite place), and went to bed early!  Coming up: Beach shoots, Boot Black No.2, albums, fine art, and more…



Room Service

I love hotels. I love luxury.  I love Room Service.  Breakfast in bed.  Big bathtubs.  Bathrobes.  City views.  Late night snacks.  At-your-service staff.  Oh, I can go on and on!!…  Here’s a recent boudoir shoot with Madison at the Biltmore in downtown LA.  It’s her birthday today (Happy Birthday Madison!!), and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate then a boudoir session at a great hotel with your best gal pals 🙂  More to come tomorrow….

“Love in an elevator!… Livin it up when I’m going dowwwwwn!”…. -Aerosmith


I love this historic photo-mural on the wall at the Biltmore… when men were men 🙂


More pics of Madison tomorrow… when we get inside the hotel room!!



Whipped Cream & Other Delights, Pt 2

Prancing around naked in my studio is always a lot of fun. Most girls start out asking for a robe and within minutes they’re sporting nothing but a smile.  Before Simone and I got crazy with the whipped cream shooting our take on Herb Alpert’s album cover (see yesterday’s post), we tried to capture the more serious moments in between the silly… so here’s the beautiful dramatic side of Simone…


Uh ohhhh, the silly popped out 🙂




Whipped Cream & Other Delights

“Whipped Cream and Other Delights” by Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass… seems this album cover really affected a lot of young lads during the mid-60’s.  Including Simone’s husband Nick when he was a preteen.  Nick recently confessed to Simone that he felt stirrings for the first time in his young life when he saw this image. So when it came time to decide on a gift for her soon-to-be husband, Simone decided to recreate this iconic image with my help.

Ps. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Simone resembles the woman on the cover exactly.


What really intrigued me about this shoot was the “Other Delights!!” – I wanted to really make sure that Nick was provided with some Other Delights and that title wasn’t just an empty promise, as before.  Well, we wound up with so many juicy sexy hot bonus de-lightful images that I need to post this shoot in two parts.  More to come tomorrow!…

Warning: my site honors the human form in all his and her glory aka: nudity!!  Hide the children.







No Plain Jane

Jane is one helluva gal. I photographed her wedding three years ago, and now her whole extended family has become close friends of mine.  She and I cooked up this surprise boudoir shoot while her husband John, a film producer, was away at the Cannes Film Festival… and boy will he be welcomed home!

The shoot was inspired by three main elements: 1) John’s love of black and white film posters from the French New Wave or La Nouvelle Vague,  2) Jane’s gorgeous skin, which made me think of Bouguereau paintings like “Evening Mood” which I once posed for! (a story for another time), and 3) her upcoming transition to being a nonsmoker.

So we wanted to celebrate all of these influences, and the results make me so happy.






I would love to share my favorite most beautiful pics from the shoot, but those entail a see-through scarf and nothing else but a smile!… Credit goes entirely to Jane, who never thought she could do “this type of thing” and wound up going all.the.way.  I love it when people push outside their comfort zones.  That kind of courage is really attractive.

Tomorrow, I’ll post pics from my wonderful boating outing this weekend!… and soon – the album design from this shoot, an engagement session, my favorite character, photo parties galore and plans for shooting in Italy!




Miss Nadine

Nothing sexier than a girl having a good time!… especially if she’s a brunette in jeans and a white tank top… or no jeans and no tank top…  or, well it does go on and on, doesn’t it?….  That’s if you’ve got the right girl!

It’s torture not to share my favorite images from Nadine’s shoot, but they are definitely Rated R, and this is a family show.

So here are a couple of G-Rated ones… sorry fella’s :))


Z.LARRIS Fashion Shoot, Pt. 2

I’ve come a long way from my old school old style back in Jersey, where oh yes, I had the requisite parachute pants, fat laces, jordache jeans, and wig wam socks.  And I rocked every single one of those looks.  Nowadays, I try to hip it up a bit sometimes, but let’s face it – I think comfort is cool.  Which is why I loooove the Z.LARRIS line – most of the pieces are cashmere and every item is so yummy on my skin :))   Kathi Berman, the designer, is such a sweetheart and generously gave me a couple of my favorite pieces from her line as a Thank You after the shoot.  How cool is that?!   And today, she surprised me with the sexiest most beautiful Miriam Haskell ring I ever saw.  Yup, I still haven’t taken it off, and I’m wearing it to bed tonight… just the ring and nothing else, except of course my wig wam socks.

THANK YOU again Kathi, for classing a girl up!






Z.LARRIS Fashion Shoot

Crazy week – let me bottom-line it for you…  seven days of the NY Body Plan, a car accident (well two really), a ten-hour fashion shoot, and many other interesting life developments…  I have survived and am thrilled!… a bit dazed and confused with very sore quads perhaps, but very very happy 🙂

Here are a few sneak peek pics from Monday’s shoot for Z.LARRIS, a beautiful, cool, and comfy new clothing line.  I am happy to say that the crew and models said it was the most relaxed set they’ve been on.  Well amen to that.  And we were even ahead of schedule the whole day.  I shoot fast, I tell ya… but all credit and my deepest heartfelt appreciation goes to each of the wonderful, talented, and extremely kind people involved:

The Z.LARRIS clothing designer is Kathi Berman.
Make-up Artist is the super talented Mr. Jeff Siegel of Vanity Scientist.
Hair is creatively coiffed by Vanessa Amoretti of Chaos Beauty.
The on-top-of-it-all Photographer’s Assistant is Christopher Doody.
Models are: Diana D., Samantha Kong, and Stacey Villagomez
And a million thanks and one big fat juicy steak to my knight in shining armor and genius digital tech Russ Langford of Royal Capture



And this one just for fun 🙂


Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow, and lot’s more exciting news coming soon!…