Real Women

I love real women, and I enjoy helping them see how beautiful they are.  I’ve been so fortunate to work with some incredible girls and every boudoir shoot I’ve done has been fun and memorable.  However, there is something I need to address: I’ve received a ton of emails from girls all asking me the same question – here’s a recent example:

Hello Christa,

First let me say your work is amazing. It looks like you have had some gorgeous women to work with, so I’m sure that helps.

I wanted to know if you only work with professional models or are willing to shoot an average woman?? such as myself. I am looking for a wedding gift for my soon to be husband and this is something I’m sure he would like…

Thank you,


So to answer all y’all’s question: Yes yes yes!!.. every single one of my boudoir shoots are regular girls, not professional models.  With the single exception of Shelby, who’d like to model some day professionally, all of my shoots are with the girl next door.  Regular girls.  Like me.  Like you.

There was Karen, a writer. Lisa, a marketing professional.  Simone, a physical therapist.  And lots of regular girls in the coming weeks…

And most of the girls call me with the same concern… “um, I’m kinda shy – this isn’t really like me to do this – I don’t love my butt – I don’t know how to pose – I’m really nervous.” So, I thought it would be fun to give you a peek behind-the-scenes of a boudoir shoot with me.  So you can see just how silly and fun and REAL it is…

Here isJane, a schoolteacher, and me before her shoot.  I thought it would be hysterical to bring a wig for one or two shots, and I’m sporting it here.  My dorkiness is really shining through here in all it’s glory.  lol!  ps. to make it worse, my shirt is inside out.  Jeesh – can’t take me anywhere.


Make-up for photo shoots is a bit different than everyday make-up, so I highly encourage a professional make-up artist, and Jeff is the best.


Nadine, a stay at home mom, getting extensions…


Here’s Simone and me… getting crazy with the Reddi Whip.  This pic cracks me up for obvious reasons, but here’s a few that aren’t apparent: 1. It’s actually shaving cream we used, 2. Minutes earlier, I had fallen off a stool I was standing on, 3. that fall broke Simone’s toe (she’s fine now, thankfully), but we were having so much fun that she didn’t realize it until later that night.  ps. again, what is up with my shirt?? this is why I say “no prints” on a photo shoot!


Even my mom, a human resources professional, did a boudoir shoot with me.  For her birthday this year, we had a couple of her best girlfriends come after the shoot to celebrate (see pic at the beginning of this post).  By the way, I love when girls bring their best friend to the shoot – they are so supportive and helpful, will hold the fan, tell you that you look great, even lotion up your legs, make you laugh and we’ll have even more fun.  So please do bring your girlfriends, if you like!…  This is my mom’s raunchy friend Kim.


Lastly, if you’ve looked at some of my boudoir shoots you’ll see the girls are all amazing and beautiful, and here’s a few reasons why:

  1. Everyone looks their best when they are genuinely having a good time and enjoying themselves.  That is my highest priority on every shoot.
  2. Every woman is beautiful in her own way, and it’s my job to find that, bring it out, and then capture it.  Let me say that again – it bears repeating: every woman is beautiful in some way, and it is so fulfilling to make each shoot very personal and customized to each girl.  Whether she’s got an incredible smile, a feisty spirit, curvy hips, a certain look in her eyes, etc…
  3. Plus, make-up artist extraordinaire, Jeff, will work his magic.
  4. And Vanessa will get your ‘do all did.
  5. Lastly, I will do a little photoshoppin’ and we’ll call it a day.

We’re all just regular gals… real women.  Having fun.  Celebrating life.  Being ourselves.  Being sexy.  Being silly.  Wearing our shirt inside out.


See? – being in front of my camera isn’t intimidating right? :))



ps. for more tips on how to feel relaxed and sexy on a photo shoot,check out this post!