Genevive wears Dior

It’s absolute torture to not show you all of Genevive’s pics… her nude pics are sensual and full of energy, and are some of my favorites I’ve shot to date… if the above pic gives you any indication.  But we must respect a girl’s right to privacy 🙂  So here is a little peek into our recent boudoir shoot and G-rated pictures…


One of my favorites… (you know me, I loooove action and emotion!)

and if you’re lucky enough to know Genevive personally, you know that picture on the left captures her silly exuberant personality perfectly…  nice match with the fun-loving free woman on the right 🙂


Genevive was an attendee at one of my Workshops, and thought my boudoir demo looked like so much fun, that she had to check it out for herself 🙂  Now, that’s my kinda girl!  In fact, shooting Genevive’s boudoir pics inspired me so much that a few nights later, I did my own boudoir shoot!… but we must respect a girl’s right to privacy, so you won’t be seeing those shots either!  lol!!

Happy Monday 🙂