I’m a dog person, but my inner-photographer is all feline… Some of my favorite props are masks. I picked up this sexy little cat mask recently in New Orleans, and I freakin LOVE it! I’ve thrown it on every girl since, just for a minute or two at the tail end of the shoot. It’s fun to see how each girl behaves with it on.

Here are a couple of my favorites from The Last LA Boudoir Workshop I taught.

**Updated to add: The lighting used was one main light, my Photogenic 1250, with Medium Softbox placed about 45 degrees to the right and turned slightly away from the model so just the edge of the light hits her – a technique called “feathering”. This is a really gorgeous look and especially flattering to girls who are body conscious since the edges of your bod will drop off into shadow. AWESOME right? so now go eat that second slice of pizza 🙂






I must confess to putting this sexy little mask on a number of times myself – can’t help myself! Once you start working with props and especially masks, you’ll see how sexy, silly, fun and addicting they are.

Try one on for yourself…



ps. My 2011 Workshop schedule is almost ready! I’ll be releasing the dates very soon.
First up: coming back to LA for an Intensive One-Day Workshop on Sun 2/27 – save the date!