Private Dancer

Boudoir at the Biltmore!… One of my sentimental favorite places is #703 at The Biltmore Hotel in downtown LA.  I’ve been shooting there for a year now… You can take a peek at my first shoot at the Biltmore HERE… in that post, I also give girls

10 Tips on How to Feel Relaxed & Sexy when being Photographed…

Here’s a quick sneak peek from Friday’s shoot at the Biltmore with a girl who is gorgeous and glamorous and manages to pull off the hot sexy edgy thing too.  Let’s call her Mrs. X — I can’t show pics that reveal too much until after Christmas, since this is a surprise gift for her hubby 🙂


I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of this shoot with you as well as a few more boudoir shoots I’ve got booked at the Biltmore through December… it’s been one hot sexy fun season!