Room Service

I love hotels. I love luxury.  I love Room Service.  Breakfast in bed.  Big bathtubs.  Bathrobes.  City views.  Late night snacks.  At-your-service staff.  Oh, I can go on and on!!…  Here’s a recent boudoir shoot with Madison at the Biltmore in downtown LA.  It’s her birthday today (Happy Birthday Madison!!), and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate then a boudoir session at a great hotel with your best gal pals 🙂  More to come tomorrow….

“Love in an elevator!… Livin it up when I’m going dowwwwwn!”…. -Aerosmith


I love this historic photo-mural on the wall at the Biltmore… when men were men 🙂


More pics of Madison tomorrow… when we get inside the hotel room!!