Secret Rendezvous

I had a very secret rendezvous recently… Mrs. C and I planned this surprise shoot as a Christmas gift for her husband, and I just heard from her today letting me know that he was beyond thrilled!  And even better, Mrs. C mentioned how good she felt during the shoot and how she loves the pictures and feels amazing! Now that is what’s deeply fulfilling to me… giving women the gift of feeling good about themselves.

It all started in The Biltmore Hotel lobby with la belle femme…


Did someone ring for Maid Service?


My #1 absolute favorite photo set-up: a hotel bed, white sheets, big window, and nothing but nakedness…


I love this shot… it reminds me of being a girl, being in love, and being in Paris.  Mrs. C is wearing the La Perla lingerie that her husband gave her on their honeymoon about 8 years earlier, and I asked her to think back to the first time she had it on…


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ll be shooting lots and lots of beautiful women coming up…

But you don’t need a holiday to give your man or yourself the amazing gift of feeling good and feeling sexy 🙂  It just takes a simple decision to be that way.

Wishing you lots of moments overflowing with feeling good!



ps. You can see more of Mrs. C in the post “Private Dancer.”