Dancing in the Park



Oh, those wacky Boxer Wachler twins!… I love these girls, especially when I learned they love to dance! Here are Jordanna and Micaela getting their freak on to “Betty Bought a Bit of Butter.” You know me, I’m always up for learning a new dance, so I paid close attention. You have to sing the lyrics asfastasyoucan, while doing what resembles a flash-dance-irish-jig of sorts. I have since mastered the Betty Butter dance, but at the time I stumbled because of a faulty flip flop. The Boxer Wachlers understood.

Note: Holding hands and hugging is optional. I like it.

Please GENTLY grab your partner, and begin!… BettyBoughtaBitofButter….






…AndtheButterwasBetter!!!!…. And repeat until the kids are in college or you get a good shot. Then do the Roger Rabbit.