I *Heart* You

Let’s get married!!…  I consider myself a lucky girl to be the sole guest in attendance at the most joyful loving silly wedding celebration ever… held during dress-up playtime at Saturday’s Alice in Wonderland birthday party.

Here’s how it went down:  This little girl with the cutest short haircut tugged on my skirt and asked if I could help tie the bow on her “wedding dress”… You’re getting married?!  I asked with a smile… Uh-huh she giggled back.  To who?  I asked the all important question… as she pointed across the garden to her friend putting on a wedding dress of her own.  

Well, let’s do this!   Playtime was ending soon, so I quickly grabbed a flower for each of them and made up a sweet and simple ceremony on the spot… 


…which involved exchanging flowers….


…a kiss…



…twirling and cutting the cookie…



… and holding hands skipping off to the Moon Bounce and happily ever after!


This will always be my favorite wedding that I’ve been invited to and photographed!  And I’m seriously considering having a little red heart drawn on my face when I walk down the aisle 🙂