Jack and Sam

Jack and Samantha are two of the sweetest siblings I’ve ever met. These two are thick as thieves!  They have a unique bond, which is apparent the moment you meet them… They adore one another, and I don’t say that lightly. Just look at the sepia pic above – how their hands are gripped tight, Sam’s foot on Jack’s foot, her hand on his arm, his arm around her  – it’s my favorite shot, it speaks so much of their relationship.  Sam looks up to her big brother with total love and abandon, trusting him to take her into the water, hold her up high, hug her tight, and follow her when she shouts “Jack, come with me!” And in return, Jack absolutely worships Samantha – can’t get enough of her! – he’ll even jump on the bed listening to a Katy Perry song, even though he hates it, just because it’s Sam’s favorite.

Here’s just a glimpse of this brother and sister in action…


Oh my goodness – how cute is this?!


Protective eye 🙂


Late summer sun…  Popsicles…  Playhouse rooftop… Childhood!


Wow, this session makes you feel so happy and nostalgic right?!  Well that’s the beauty of my job, photographs, and kids 🙂