Pride, The School Orchestra

I remember the year I was 8 years old and sold Christmas gift-wrap to fundraise for my school.  If I sold 60 boxes, I would “win” a Polaroid camera.  My love for goal-setting started right there.  The game was on!   Weeks later, I had sold 60 boxes…  Mostly to family, neighbors and well… my mom.  And when I got the camera ages later in the mail, I quickly wrote my initials on it, and began lugging it around with me everywhere… I was so proud.

So when Ana and Lindsey of Paul Revere Charter Middle School came into my studio on Tuesday, they had me at “We’re raising funds for our school.”   I not only donated, but I also took some pics of a few members of their orchestra “Pride” for use in their concert program.

I made sure each of the musicians played while I was shooting, and the singer sang.  I always believe in shooting an action, not a pose.  This is Ana Hilleboe, and her pictures cement my decision to learn violin!… just beautiful 🙂 



From left to right, here’s Victor Li on the French Horn, Elana Ross singing her guts out in between giggles, and Lizze Sokolich on Sax.




I had a great time with these guys, and I love the pics – am I just being nostalgic or do they bring back memories of being in school and falling in love with learning an instrument?  Sorry neighbors, violin lessons coming up!