The Golden Hour, Part 2

I remember walking up the steps to the Kennedy home for the first time feeling incredibly nervous… it was my first shoot as a “professional.”  This is about five and a half years ago… I had a Rebel, one less-than-stellar lens, and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing!  But… I also had confidence in my resourceful nature, creativity, and high-energy personality to make it work.

When I look back at my photographs from this very first pro shoot, I see a lot of what I’ve since become known for…  classic pictures of emotional, playful, intimate moments.  I also see shots that have become my trademark…

Such as the double profile portrait…


…extreme close-ups…




…and my Bed Portraits


I’ll be totally honest with you – I shot this session completely on automatic and spent about a week in post!  Hahaaa!  Things sure have changed a lot since then, and I have been so blessed, but take a peek at my most recent shoot HERE of the Kennedy’s 5 years later, and you’ll see some similarities 🙂