Yummy Empanadas

I love me some yummy empanadas!  Especially when they’re in the form of this adorable babe’s chubby feet.  David Ortega’s grandma calls his feet little empanadas – and it’s so true, right?!  They really remind me of my trip to Buenos Aires last year and my daily morning empanadas (ok, late afternoon, but morning to me).  But don’t trust me, take a peek at pics from one hot lovely afternoon with the Ortega family at the South Coast Botanical Gardens and see for yourself 🙂


I’ve never seen a baby smile so often, so big, and so easily.  I just couldn’t get over my impulse to squeeze and bite him!  Is that what parents do when no-one’s around?  Rolls upon glorious rolls….



Okay, this one just makes me laugh silly.  He’s such a bruiser here.  Lol!