Zen Family Habits

Simple Happiness… “Zen Family Habits” is a fabulous new blog co-created by Sherri Kruger, wife and mom, and Leo Babauta, writer of the super popular “Zen Habits” (one of my favorite blogs) and best-selling author of “The Power of Less.”

I am thrilled that Zen Family Habits will be posting my photographs(!) along with their wonderful articles… some of my recent favorites include: “The Secret Life of High-Energy Parents;” “31 Simple Family Pleasures;” and “Your Ideal Family: How to Make it a Reality.”

Here’s how the writers describe the essence of Zen Family Habits…

“Zen Family Habits is a celebration of all things family. It’s about living simply and with presence of mind. It’s about cultivating healthy, meaningful, relationships with loved ones… having fun and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.  Zen Family Habits is a place where we can all find inspiration and get different perspectives for improving and enjoying our families.”

I hope you get a chance to visit their site to bring a little more love and inspiration to your family… Here’s to simple pleasures! and photographs, of course 🙂