An Englishman, a Boat, Beers & Man’s Best Friend

A beautiful sunshiney day, two sandwiches from Bay Cities Deli (meatball sub and salami sandwich are my favs!), a six-pack, and the open sea!!  My experience in the water is limited – I got so seasick on the ferry from Mallorca to Barcelona I literally thought I was dying…  So I hesitated when my good friend Russ Langford, the best digital tech in the world from Royal Capture, asked me to go for an outing on his newly beloved and restored 60’s era boat (can’t for the life of me remember what type etc. it is…. I’ll call it “nice old cool boat.” 

But hey, I’m all for busting out of my comfort zone.  I totally played it cool and clung to my camera like a security blanket.  And all was calm and good… until we got to the choppy waters – holy moly!!  I don’t think the waves should ever be higher than my head… that’s my boating philosophy.  But Russ was cool as a cucumber and just laughed at me.  That’s fine dude.  I decided to get in the driver’s seat, and that’s when I really fell in love!  I can see how addictive this boating business can be.  Especially when the water is calm, the sun is shining on your face, and you’re eating a sandwich while listening to the water lapping up against the boat, and a big old wolf-dog is pawing on ya.