Man About Town, The German

Ok, I have a confession to make… this man, this gorgeous German, is the reason I have been such a neglectful blogger lately.  Gunnar and I met in December at the Tony Robbins event, Date with Destiny…. and well… it sure was!  He just flat out rocked my world…

Last week, we spent about 20 minutes in my studio taking some shots for his business, but I gotta say… I was taking shots for me!  I wanted to capture all the parts I love…  handsome, hot, and masculine… thoughtful, sexy, and fun.



Ok, I admit it – I asked him to take it all off…


…and I’ll end it on that note 🙂

I had a blast switching it up and photographing a man, my man in particular this time.  I hope to make “Man About Town” a regular feature on the blog to balance out all the boudoir shoots with some masculine energy!

Amen to that 🙂