Man About Town, The Scotch Tasting

It’s not often that a girl gets to dip into a Scotch Tasting at The Jonathan Club in Downtown LA – an old school boy’s club if ever there was one!  So I consider myself one lucky gal!… Last weekend, I was invited to a Bachelor Party scotch tasting hosted by Coe Bloomberg, Man about Town, lucky groom to be, and long-time member of the JC.  I’ve been an honorary member of the Bloomberg family since I shot their family photos about 5 years ago… I’ve since shot 4 of their weddings, some headshots, engagement pictures, boudoir – you name it! – and we’ve shared many dinners and good times.  I adore the Bloombergs, and I get teary-eyed at all of their events… such a sap.

When Coe invited me to join him and the boys at the Macallan Scotch Tasting – to photograph the event – he insisted that I take a seat and enjoy some scotch.  Well, if you insist!


Toasting the man of the hour.  Groom to be, Coe (on the right) with his two son-in-laws to be… along with a few dozen other guys 🙂


We enjoyed 6 different types of Macallan Scotch that night.  Upon arriving, we were greeted with a 12 (I missed out on that – long story – but I was bounced at first 🙂  Then we moved on to the 15 – which was yummy.  Then the 17, which was interesting… Then… my absolute favorite, the 18!… oh, delicious!  I had more notes on the complexities and flavors of each, but I’ve totally forgotten the details, so I just remember varying levels of “Oh my lord, that’s Yummmmy!”  Hee hee – I’m a girl.

The 4th round was the so-called “King of Malts” the 21, but eh, didn’t beat my 18.


The JC version of Good Cop / Bad Cop.


The groom’s son, Chris, sniffing the scotch right before winning a bottle of my beloved 18, which of course he gave to his dad…


Making it “neat” – Yes, I’m taking a pic with my right and drinking with my left.  Hey, I was a guest too!  Is this pic tilted?…


Uh oh – better put down the camera. That’s all for now!…

A bit of boudoir coming up next…

Cheers! with the 18 🙂