Wildcat Nude Workshop, No. 2

Inspired by Light, Shadow, Line & Form… and as always the camaraderie of women.  This second installment of pics from the Wildcat Nude Photo Workshop led by Kim Weston and myself truly represents my feeling about natural light and shadow – I love both!  Equally.  I am also a huge fan of women, and the power of heartfelt contact, connection and friendship.

All photographs created at Wildcat Hill, Big Sur, CA August 2010 by Christa Meola







To get on the mailing list for the next Wildcat Nude Workshop, email christa (at) christameola.com.  Click to see the first installment of pics from Wildcat Nude, No. 1 Inspired by Art.

More to come 🙂   As well as announcing my next speaking engagement… in New Orleans!

Christa xo