Life Lessons From My Dog

My dog turned 5 years old today.  I’m stunned at how time flies by, and normally I don’t post personal stories on my blog, but I’m making a few changes ’round here 🙂 Smart as a whip and a born entertainer, my dog will paw at my laptop when I’ve been working for too long and drop a toy in my lap as a heavy hint. We celebrated his bday in Central Park, and I took some time to think about what I’ve learned from knowing this sweet crazy beautiful soul. We’ve moved about 6 or 7 times in his little lifetime, and yet everywhere we go, Gucci is known as the happiest dog on the block! I think that’s worth taking a look at.

So in honor of his 5th birthday, here are 5 life lessons learned from sharing my days with the most interesting, silly, affectionate, funny, happy, crazy little soul in the form of a stuffed teddy bear, my little dog G.

LESSON 1. Own who you are.
The little man is a toy poodle, 7lbs soaking wet, was born in California and named Gucci. We all know the stigma attached to that. Despite stereotypes, Gucci owns it, struts his stuff with a spring in his step and is unabashadly himself, winning over even the most hardened poodle-hating heart.

LESSON 2. Greet each day with ENTHUSIASM!!
From waking up, going on a walk, getting a treat, meeting a new friend, and chasing a ball… the simplest of moments are treated as INCREDIBLE EVENTS! Every day is worth jumping up and down, smiling like mad, and wagging your tail about.

LESSON 3. Do one thing, do it well.
G fetches balls. Period. And he’s crazy good at it.

LESSON 4. Love the one you’re with.
If you can’t be with the one you love…  whoever you are with is the most awesome fascinating being on earth. And where you’re at, is THE place to be.

LESSON 5. Give people a second chance – they’ll come around.
I’m glad Guccenzo has kept me around this long. There was a time when I wasn’t sure I’d make it as a dog person 🙂 the housebreaking thing was driving me mad, the dog kept eating my flip-flops and peeing on guests… but he stuck with me, I came around, and we couldn’t be happier 🙂

Lots of love and dog licks,

x. Christa and little G.

ps. Bonus tip from Guccenzo: Bark at bigger dogs. It freaks them out :-p