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Symphony in B&W, No. 1

I love photographing portraits… it’s my passion, and I am pretty confident now that I can capture the subject’s personality in a single frame and nail it.  Shooting landscapes on the other hand, when there’s no living breathing human in the picture and no interaction between subjects… well now that’s a challenge!  So when the Library Lofts in downtown Los Angeles went looking for a photographer to shoot their art installation, suddenly, I was so on fire and told them I was their girl.

My goal was to capture the energy of the city.  When you think about it, places are living breathing subjects too… and I wanted to create an art installation for the lofts that people feel when they pass by.

The Walt Disney Concert Hall was an obvious on my list of must-have’s.  Created by the world famous architect, Frank Gehry, the Disney Concert Hall is probably the most photographed building since it’s opening in 2003.  The sun was setting fast when I arrived at the Hall and I had about 10 minutes to shoot before it would be too dark… So I went with what I know best and I chose to shoot the hall like I shoot my boudoir photography… walk around the subject, notice things, the curves, the lines, etc… and suddenly the Hall took on a life of it’s own and became a boat at sea, a mountain top, waves in the ocean, and many other things…

What do you see?


A big thank you to one of my self-proclaimed blog-stalkers, John Batdorff, an extremely gifted photographer, especially with landscapes, who generously gave me some advice before I started shooting… Thanks John!

More in this series on the blog tomorrow and this weekend – I’ve prescheduled the posts so while I’ll be teaching the Portrait Workshop this weekend, you can enjoy a peek at downtown LA!




Fall in love with this little yummy baby, Lila… it doesn’t get any easier than this recent family shoot.  Their photo session was a breeze – the parents are loving, gorgeous and kind – and totally trusting (ie. up for any idea I came up with!).  Baby Lila was so expressive, curious, cranky and giggly… which made for a wonderfully real shoot.

Some of my favorites…


A baby’s wonder at her own hand… beautiful moment.




Dad was nervous before the shoot, but he came around once he saw this smiling face!


This mother / daughter shot was inspired by one of my pics from the mom’s pregnancy session – part of my Brand-Spanking Newborn package…


Sweet and Silly faces…


Love these moments and how the baby is holding her mom’s hair…


First official family photograph 🙂


Switching it up on the blog this week – posting pics from my Downtown LA project and an exciting announcement… come back soon!



Man About Town, The Scotch Tasting

It’s not often that a girl gets to dip into a Scotch Tasting at The Jonathan Club in Downtown LA – an old school boy’s club if ever there was one!  So I consider myself one lucky gal!… Last weekend, I was invited to a Bachelor Party scotch tasting hosted by Coe Bloomberg, Man about Town, lucky groom to be, and long-time member of the JC.  I’ve been an honorary member of the Bloomberg family since I shot their family photos about 5 years ago… I’ve since shot 4 of their weddings, some headshots, engagement pictures, boudoir – you name it! – and we’ve shared many dinners and good times.  I adore the Bloombergs, and I get teary-eyed at all of their events… such a sap.

When Coe invited me to join him and the boys at the Macallan Scotch Tasting – to photograph the event – he insisted that I take a seat and enjoy some scotch.  Well, if you insist!


Toasting the man of the hour.  Groom to be, Coe (on the right) with his two son-in-laws to be… along with a few dozen other guys 🙂


We enjoyed 6 different types of Macallan Scotch that night.  Upon arriving, we were greeted with a 12 (I missed out on that – long story – but I was bounced at first 🙂  Then we moved on to the 15 – which was yummy.  Then the 17, which was interesting… Then… my absolute favorite, the 18!… oh, delicious!  I had more notes on the complexities and flavors of each, but I’ve totally forgotten the details, so I just remember varying levels of “Oh my lord, that’s Yummmmy!”  Hee hee – I’m a girl.

The 4th round was the so-called “King of Malts” the 21, but eh, didn’t beat my 18.


The JC version of Good Cop / Bad Cop.


The groom’s son, Chris, sniffing the scotch right before winning a bottle of my beloved 18, which of course he gave to his dad…


Making it “neat” – Yes, I’m taking a pic with my right and drinking with my left.  Hey, I was a guest too!  Is this pic tilted?…


Uh oh – better put down the camera. That’s all for now!…

A bit of boudoir coming up next…

Cheers! with the 18 🙂


The Boudoir Workshop! A Sexy Affair

I’m thrilled to announce The Boudoir Workshop!… “A Sexy Affair” on April 3rd + 4th… The ultimate workshop for boudoir photographers and those that are just entering this booming market!  Last weekend’s Workshop was a phenomenal success, and the attendee’s raved about the Boudoir section and demanded more!… so I am happy to oblige and will cover everything you need to know to run a successful Boudoir business… including topics from branding to sales and everything in between!  The workshop will be held at my Studio + Gallery and is limited to a small group so you get plenty of one-on-one instruction and hands on learning.  The best part is that you will be on your feet shooting alongside me during model sessions, will get personal coaching while you shoot, and will be granted use of the images for your blog and portfolio.

The Boudoir Workshop!
“A Sexy Affair”
with Christa Meola

Everything you need to succeed in the Boudoir business.
Create sensual photographs with impact.
Give every woman the gift of feeling gorgeous.

Saturday April 3rd 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday April 4th 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Optional Welcome Reception
Friday April 2nd 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Held at…

Christa Meola Pictures Studio + Gallery
860 Via de la Paz, Pacific Palisades CA 90272

Topics include:

Inside the Boudoir Market…
Learn the in’s and out’s of the booming boudoir market and how to attract new and existing clients.

Creating a Boutique Brand that is In Demand…
Developing your unique style and standing out from the crowd.  Selling emotion not images, selecting a smoking hot product line, getting booked solid, and communicating with clients.

Selling the Experience that Every Woman Wants…
The most fun is in the planning!  Tips + Tricks during each stage of the process to give every girl the gift of an unforgettably amazing experience!…

Nailing your price list so you’re busy, happy and well-paid 🙂  Best business practices including, contracts, release forms, and other good habits.

Lighting, Equipment, Sets + Styling…
What’s necessary and what’s not.  How to work with the challenge and beauty of natural light, a simple portable studio set-up, and working with hand-held video lights.  How to style a set and a model to create hot magazine-style photos.

Live Boudoir Shoots + Side-by-Side Personal Coaching…
Live Boudoir shoots will be on location at a luxury hotel and in the studio.  Christa will do demo’s for each, working with a half dozen models.  You will each get plenty of time with the models and rights to your images.  Christa will be by your side, available for personal coaching, while you shoot.  Learn on your feet how to relax a nervous client, bring out the best in each girl, create sensual moments, push yourself creatively, and raise the bar for your photography.

Top 10 Money Boudoir Shots…
The all-time Bestsellers, and how to get them!

Sexy Post Production…
A Workflow that’s easy and effective to create smoking images!  My Top Tips for Lightroom and Photoshop… How to take off 20 lbs in 20 seconds, essential retouching, working with actions, and more.

Lucrative Boudoir Parties, individual portfolio review, Q&A sessions, discounts from all of my sponsors, and a sweet gift bag of my favorite sexy things 🙂

Workshop Fee: $1,499
To register, call 310.383.6494 or email christa (at) christameola.com.


Space is limited, and I’ve already signed up some very excited photographers, so register soon, and I can’t wait to meet you!





A Good Jewish Boy

Nothing like a cutie in blazer offering me a flower! This is my third shoot for this family, and I am completely charmed by this little guy every time.  Just look at those eyes!


Pouting because he couldn’t get the flower to stay in his lapel… ugh, so cute!


This little songbird stole my heart.  How can you resist?


I’ll post more pics of this gorgeous sweetheart and his family soon….

Once I recover from heartbreak 🙂