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Batia at the Beach, a Book

Books and pictures are two of my favorite things, so give me a good photo book, and I’m in love!  I’m a freak for good story-telling, cool design, great memories, and beautiful photographs… and my hope is that I can create an album that combines all of those things.  With every book I make, I’m thinking about what it will be like to crack the book open in fifty years or so… Will it tell a story, recall a memory?… will this 6 year old remember how much she loved that darned stuffed animal, how spirited her personality was, how much joy and hope she had, how she once ran and jumped on the beach with naked enthusiasm!…  I’m rambling, but I just can’t express how much I love books and how much I love capturing the essence of a person, a family, friends, lovers, etc… so you can retell the story another time, another day… to someone else, or your distant future all grown-up self.

This is a Cypress Album for Batia, a wonderfully silly girl, who I had the pleasure of spending a breezy summer afternoon with…


Here are a few spread designs from her book, lovingly handcrafted by the folks at Cypress.  (The grey area isn’t part of the album, it’s just so you can see the pages 🙂


I hope Batia opens this book one day and looks upon her childhood fondly…

I think that’s one of the best gifts you can give someone 🙂