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Pictage U: Boudoir and Lighting

Very cool Announcement… I was thrilled to be asked to be one of the 6 Instructors at the first Pictage U!  The Conference/Workshop will be on Boudoir & Lighting in San Diego on May 25th and 26th.  I am so humbled to be teaching alongside some of the best photographers in the industry and very cool people: Carlos Baez, the Bui Brothers, Kitty Maer, and Anne Ruthmann.  Registration is open! so Register Now as seating is limited and there is a special pricing offer until April 26th!



Check back on the blog for 3 more installments of sexy boudoir pictures coming up from my last Boudoir Workshop.  Hope to meet you at the next Workshop in Paris or at Pictage UDrop me a note and say hello for more information 🙂



Kate, Boudoir Workshop Demo, No. 2

I love when people surprise me!… a couple of weeks ago, this sweet shy little girl, Kate, called me up to ask if she could model for my Boudoir Photography Workshop as a gift for her fiancee.  I said Sure! She was just so darned adorable – who could turn her down?  Fast-forward to this past weekend, and wow!— she let out all of those other wonderful personalities that women have inside them 🙂  which makes us all so awesome and mysterious…

Take a peek inside Suite #710 of The Mondrian Hotel at the first of Kate’s pics…


Classic and just plain Gorgeous!


My absolute favorite set… so playful and sensual…


(I usually lay around on a Sunday morning like this too.)


Getting feisty!


Boudoir photography is a damn good time, every time.


More of Kate, a pillow-fight, sexy studio pics, and exciting event announcements coming up!…



Voyeur, Boudoir Workshop Demo No. 1

Hot off the press: Here’s the 1st in a sultry series of Boudoir Photographs from my latest Workshop for Boudoir Photographers this past weekend.  We had such an eclectic mix of talented photographers from all over the US and had such an outrageously fun and sexy good time!  Live shoots consisted of two gorgeous girls at The Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood and a beautiful girl-next-door shoot at my photo studio in the Pacific Palisades.

One of the creative aspects of shooting that I teach is Lesson #1 Telling a Story with your pictures…  Take a peek at The Voyeur narrative that I captured…


Yes, we have film shooters at my Workshops 🙂


Thank you to Shannon Jankula for being the best Make-up and Hair stylist ever, as well as a creative force.  Huge thanks to our model pictured here, Amanda, for being so professional, hot and “bendy.”  Lots of gratitude to all of the Boudoir Workshop photographers who let me geek out and share my enthusiasm for making women feel amazingly sexy and my love of boudoir photography.  You guys were so fun, so talented, and I am grateful for your enthusiasm and participation… as well as indulging me in the pillow fight idea!  🙂  Looking forward to seeing more awesomeness out of each of you!

More sensual pics and fun boudoir lessons on the blog coming up this week – stay tuned!




Born in the USA, Boudoir Demo

Nothing like an All-American Girl who’s up for anything! Lisa is a photographer and was an attendee at my most recent Portrait Workshop…. while the Boudoir model was caught in LA Marathon traffic hell, I asked Lisa to jump into the hot seat!  And she happily obliged.  I give her so much respect and credit.  Most girls need to mentally prepare, but no… not Lisa.  We had a quick chat and made some wardrobe changes with what she was wearing:  we took her jeans and rolled them up, took off her shirt and kept the rocker vest on (for awhile!), took her underwear off (sorry is that TMI?)… then I added my high heels, turned the fan on and Lisa rocked it out! She is such a bold, fun, edgy, sexy and beautiful girl – on the inside and out.  Thank you Lisa! for helping me out with your openness and willingness to experiment.

Here are just a few sneak peeks from our awesome Boudoir photography shoot with Lisa…


More sexy pics on the blog soon… The Boudoir Workshop is Sold Out!… for this weekend, and we have talented photographers coming from all over… Massachusetts, Texas, Kansas, and more… and I couldn’t be more excited for the live shoots we have planned!  At the studio, at The Mondrian Hotel on Sunset, and at a residence in Malibu 🙂

Lots of models, lots of photographers, and one helluva good time!

I’ll keep you posted 🙂



Anna, No.2

Part 2 of Anna’s boudoir shoot shows a bit of her sweet and romantic side… versus the sexy vavavoom of Part 1.  Anna mentioned she loves vintage lingerie, reading, and that Casa Del Mar has a soft spot in her heart… so of course we did her boudoir shoot there 🙂

So without further ado, here’s part two!


And that about wraps up my favorite boudoir shoot to date.  Until the next one!




Classic. Beautiful. Feminine. My latest Boudoir shoot at Casa Del Mar was all of those things and more!  When hunting for a Boudoir photographer online, Anna stumbled across one of my Boudoir pictures from my shoot with beautiful Jane… apparently, one of my pictures had won a Boudoir Contest online – without my even knowing or entering!  The web is funny.

So as I always do before a boudoir shoot, I spent time chatting with Anna about who she is, what she loves about her body, what she thinks is sexy/beautiful/sensual… Anna gave me a great run-down of things she loves: vintage lingerie, her legs, romantic photos, and more – all of which we incorporated into her shoot.  I also asked Anna what her husband loves about her and her body… and I LOVE that without hesitation, she said Everything!

There were so many amazing pics of Anna that I’m blogging her boudoir session in two parts 🙂   Note: not all of the images are blogged for privacy reasons 🙂 but these first 2 black & white’s are my absolute favorites!


So beautiful… doesn’t Anna remind you of Carrie Otis?!


How much fun is a girl in bed with a camera?!




Silly and free 🙂


I love shooting in a window… Casa is so great for this, and we’ll be shooting this set-up at my next Boudoir Workshop!


Anna had mentioned to me prior to the shoot that she “never photographs well”  – uh, huh… that’s what they all say 🙂  And nothing makes me happier than when a woman sees her photos and says not only are these the most beautiful photos ever taken of her, but also “You really captured me!” and that’s the part I love 🙂



ps. more of Anna’s boudoir shoot on the blog this weekend!

***Updated to add: How could I have forgotten to credit my fabulous make-up artist and hair stylist?!  Shannon Jankula is incredible at creating any look my heart desires and is such a dream to work and play with.  Shannon is a talented photographer as well, and is a Christa Meola Portrait Workshop grad.  Keep your eye out for her – she’s taking my Boudoir Workshop on April 10th and 11th, and I know her images will kick ass.  Also, if you mention you’re a big fan of Christa Meola Pictures, you’ll get a huge discount from Shannon for make-up and hair on your next photo shoot or just for a day when you want to feel pampered and extra pretty 🙂


Leaving for Vegas in a minute and so excited for WPPI this year! This blog was brand spanking new when I posted about my experience at last year’s WPPI in Vegas.  I was so inspired by last year’s conference and it was the catalyst for so many amazing things that I’ve done since then!  I remember sitting in the Print Competition room watching the Print entries being judged, but I hadn’t entered the contest… Well this year, I’m in! I’m thrilled that this is the first photography contest that I’ve entered, and it’s fulfilling just to participate with my peers 🙂

I’ll be seeing many of you in Vegas – don’t be shy and say Hi! Coming up on the blog – announcing a new website, downtown BW installation and family pics 🙂  Here’s a peek at a recent Boudoir Workshop demo – this was a 5 minute shoot using only available light at night in the Biltmore Hotel bathroom!…

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Boudoir Workshop “A Sexy Affair” dates have been changed to April 10th & 11th.  Give me a buzz to sign up -would love to see you!




Genevive wears Dior

It’s absolute torture to not show you all of Genevive’s pics… her nude pics are sensual and full of energy, and are some of my favorites I’ve shot to date… if the above pic gives you any indication.  But we must respect a girl’s right to privacy 🙂  So here is a little peek into our recent boudoir shoot and G-rated pictures…


One of my favorites… (you know me, I loooove action and emotion!)

and if you’re lucky enough to know Genevive personally, you know that picture on the left captures her silly exuberant personality perfectly…  nice match with the fun-loving free woman on the right 🙂


Genevive was an attendee at one of my Workshops, and thought my boudoir demo looked like so much fun, that she had to check it out for herself 🙂  Now, that’s my kinda girl!  In fact, shooting Genevive’s boudoir pics inspired me so much that a few nights later, I did my own boudoir shoot!… but we must respect a girl’s right to privacy, so you won’t be seeing those shots either!  lol!!

Happy Monday 🙂


Happy Anniversary! Plus, Top 10 Things to Do on a Boudoir Shoot

The Christa Meola Pictures Blog is 1 Year old!… yay! The first post I blogged last year was a Boudoir Shoot and focused on Top Tips on How to Feel Sexy while being Photographed.  It’s been such an amazing year of growth, and the blog has just exploded with visitors from all over.  Thank you for all of your comments, loyalty, support, and generosity.  I didn’t know how this blog would fly when I first started it, but I have to say, it’s been an amazing experience to share my work and life with all of you…   Many more exciting things to come this year, and I promise you: you will always be surprised at what’s blogged next!

Recently, I’ve been slammed shooting Boudoir for Valentine’s Day 🙂  and I’ve been swamped singing up photographers for my next Boudoir Workshop, “A Sexy Affair” on April 3rd and 4th! There are only a few spots left, so register soon!

In the meantime, here are my favorite Things to Do on a Boudoir Shoot – Enjoy!….


Top 10 Essential Things to Do on a Boudoir Shoot

1.     Have champagne and chocolate on hand
The champagne marks the shoot as a celebration and an Event.  It’s a toast to sexiness and relaxes everyone.  Chocolate is definitely a girl’s best friend and an excellent mood elevator, but more importantly, it’s the sugar rush needed after a few wardrobe changes and extreme posing… Hey, boudoir is hard work!

2.     Limit wardrobe changes
Outfits are fun, and variety is the name of the game!… However, wardrobe changes can quickly get out of hand.  Make sure your girl gets enough time to “vibe” in each one.  A nice selection of wardrobe changes can be simple:  just a thong and heels, a fantasy element, lingerie, or some dress up… Just remember: 5 different black bustiers is not variety.

3.     Chat like girlfriends – even if you’re a guy 🙂
While you’re both enjoying champagne and while she’s still in the hair & make-up chair… Yes, you want to tell her how much you love those shoes, chat about dating, last night’s escapade, tell her a self-deprecating story, etc.  and start playing with those outfits and getting really excited…

4.     Begin without fanfare
…Keep talking, drinking, and shooting while she’s still in the make-up chair and continue shooting before she even knows “the shoot” is starting.  I always say that I’m just doing lighting tests, or whatever.  Meanwhile, I’m really just giving her time to warm up and get used to a camera in the room while she’s half-naked 😉

5.     Demo the moves!
Show her the exact movement you want her to do.  This will take the performance pressure off of her.  Plus, she’ll see how ridiculous you look and won’t be shy about duplicating it 🙂

6.     Be high-energy!
Keep the energy high, and you’ll get fun, lively, sassy images!…   She will play off your energy, so bring it 🙂

7.     Be silly and playful
Keep the atmosphere silly and playful, so she will be bold and experiment with new and different things 🙂

8.     Talk talk talk!
Constantly reassure her… any moment of silence will cause her to doubt what she’s doing.  I provide a never-ending litany of “gorgeous, perfect, good – keep going… yes! that’s amazing… sooooo beautiful… ok, now flip your hair – perfect!  Yes, do it again… great!…

9.     Everything works “Great!”
— even if it doesn’t… You don’t want to kill the energy and make the poor girl embarrassed.  Most of what you guys do together may not work (that’s what’s awesome about editing!)  – but she doesn’t need to know that.  So say “GREAT!” but move on swiftly to something else when it’s not really working for ya.

10.     Call Her!
Give her a buzz later that evening to mention how much fun it was and how you took a sneak peek at the pics, which look amazing!!  Mention how bold and sexy she was… and how much fun you had.  Think about it: You saw her naked – she deserves a phone call afterwards 🙂


Happy shooting and Happy Vday!



The Boudoir Workshop! A Sexy Affair

I’m thrilled to announce The Boudoir Workshop!… “A Sexy Affair” on April 3rd + 4th… The ultimate workshop for boudoir photographers and those that are just entering this booming market!  Last weekend’s Workshop was a phenomenal success, and the attendee’s raved about the Boudoir section and demanded more!… so I am happy to oblige and will cover everything you need to know to run a successful Boudoir business… including topics from branding to sales and everything in between!  The workshop will be held at my Studio + Gallery and is limited to a small group so you get plenty of one-on-one instruction and hands on learning.  The best part is that you will be on your feet shooting alongside me during model sessions, will get personal coaching while you shoot, and will be granted use of the images for your blog and portfolio.

The Boudoir Workshop!
“A Sexy Affair”
with Christa Meola

Everything you need to succeed in the Boudoir business.
Create sensual photographs with impact.
Give every woman the gift of feeling gorgeous.

Saturday April 3rd 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday April 4th 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Optional Welcome Reception
Friday April 2nd 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Held at…

Christa Meola Pictures Studio + Gallery
860 Via de la Paz, Pacific Palisades CA 90272

Topics include:

Inside the Boudoir Market…
Learn the in’s and out’s of the booming boudoir market and how to attract new and existing clients.

Creating a Boutique Brand that is In Demand…
Developing your unique style and standing out from the crowd.  Selling emotion not images, selecting a smoking hot product line, getting booked solid, and communicating with clients.

Selling the Experience that Every Woman Wants…
The most fun is in the planning!  Tips + Tricks during each stage of the process to give every girl the gift of an unforgettably amazing experience!…

Nailing your price list so you’re busy, happy and well-paid 🙂  Best business practices including, contracts, release forms, and other good habits.

Lighting, Equipment, Sets + Styling…
What’s necessary and what’s not.  How to work with the challenge and beauty of natural light, a simple portable studio set-up, and working with hand-held video lights.  How to style a set and a model to create hot magazine-style photos.

Live Boudoir Shoots + Side-by-Side Personal Coaching…
Live Boudoir shoots will be on location at a luxury hotel and in the studio.  Christa will do demo’s for each, working with a half dozen models.  You will each get plenty of time with the models and rights to your images.  Christa will be by your side, available for personal coaching, while you shoot.  Learn on your feet how to relax a nervous client, bring out the best in each girl, create sensual moments, push yourself creatively, and raise the bar for your photography.

Top 10 Money Boudoir Shots…
The all-time Bestsellers, and how to get them!

Sexy Post Production…
A Workflow that’s easy and effective to create smoking images!  My Top Tips for Lightroom and Photoshop… How to take off 20 lbs in 20 seconds, essential retouching, working with actions, and more.

Lucrative Boudoir Parties, individual portfolio review, Q&A sessions, discounts from all of my sponsors, and a sweet gift bag of my favorite sexy things 🙂

Workshop Fee: $1,499
To register, call 310.383.6494 or email christa (at) christameola.com.


Space is limited, and I’ve already signed up some very excited photographers, so register soon, and I can’t wait to meet you!





The Workshop, Boudoir Demo

Shooting Boudoir is addicting and a total party! I did a 15-minute boudoir demo shoot with my gorgeous friend Ximena at The Workshop this past weekend.  Ximena is a regular gal, had never done anything like this before, and was totally nervous… which made her the perfect model!  And for most of my 18 workshop attendees, it was their first time shooting boudoir….  ah, I love a good challenge!  They each got time in my studio, shooting one of two models, and by the end of the workshop, I believe 18 little boudoir addicts were born!

I started the demo by sharing my philosophy on what’s beautiful and sexy to me: a woman enjoying herself, having fun, being free and open… and expressing all the wonderfully different facets of being feminine.  It’s not about what you look like, it’s not about what you’re wearing or not wearing… it’s about letting that feminine energy out!  Wooooohooooo….

I talked about creating movement and giving direction (above pic)…

…that laughter is sexy…


…extreeeeeme poses (and a little help from the liquify tool)….


…capturing the beautiful “in-between” moments…


…the importance of sexy little details…


…and your artistic choices in post…


…and making sure to be energetic, keep the laughter going, and the camera clicking!…


I’ll talk more in the coming weeks about shooting Boudoir and being sexy and feminine.  In celebration of Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m giving you my Top 5 Things to do on a Boudoir Shoot, as well as my Favorite Things to Bring to a Boudoir Shoot.

On Monday, I’ll be opening registration for The Boudoir Workshop in LA on April 3rd and 4th, and The Boudoir Workshop in Paris! in June, details on that coming soon…

Have a sexy weekend 🙂



The Workshop, a Heaping Bowl of Thanks

Wow, The Workshop was an amazing experience! It was a total blast and so much fun… but what really stood out to me was the incredible openness of all the attendee’s… their incredible energy, encouragement, experimental spirit, curiosity, and camaraderie – they truly made the weekend what it was, and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better group!

I loved seeing everyone support each other, encourage each other, and most of all… laughing our asses off together.  I know we all made some wonderful connections and friendships that will last, and it gave me such joy to see everyone hugging and hating to say goodbye last night.  It was an event I’ll never forget – it was my first Workshop for Pro’s, and you all made it meaningful for me in so many ways.

I will be posting pics from The Workshop this upcoming week, as well as pics from today’s Boudoir Workshop.

Then lots more to shoot and blog all week – valentine boudoir session, a newborn session, an afternoon tea party, a bachelor party scotch tasting (!!), and a wedding… Whew!… how much fun and variety is that?!

Thank you to all The Workshop attendee’s – you hold a deep and special place in my heart for making my first time a fulfilling experience that took my whole job and art to a deeper level…. Love you guys and looking forward to participating even further in your growth!