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Meltdown, Part 2

Family Photo season is in full swing!… And you all know what that means: tantrums over not wearing that sweater, fits of screaming No-no-no-no-NO!, and meltdowns of epic proportions.  LOL!  Every mother at some point during a photo session feels like Mrs. S in the above pic.  So I’m doing this post to show moms and other photographers how I deal with the dreaded Meltdown (as pictured above) and turn it around to capture those beautiful happy smiling faces you adore 🙂

First, allow a bit of the tantrum to take place – don’t resist or threaten.  Take a pic or two for posterity, to remember the good times, and to keep it real 🙂  Then the key word is: Distraction.  Change it up – you’ve got to shift the energy: your tone of voice, your posture, your proximity to the child… and then Engage the little guy/gal in a quick activity that they can really get into – I usually pick something that gives them control (especially over their siblings or parents)… For this little guy it was Head-butting.  That’s right Head-butting.

Who doesn’t looooove to head-butt their brother…


…And the wrestling and head-butting continues… Meanwhile, your primary job is to keep the energy high and the laughter up throughout the whole thing.  I do this by laughing and egging the little guy on!  Rooting and cheering for him, doing wrestling blow-by-blow commentary, etc.  And of course keep clicking so they don’t know when “the real” family photos are taking place…

See?… he’s starting to kind of enjoy himself…


And that’s when I make my big move.  I dare the little guy to try and head butt ME...


But I’m no chump, and I take him down! 🙂  Tickling and shooting and laughing and teasing the whole time.  I keep it moving fast, so he doesn’t sink back into Meltdown.


…and how about tackling Dad?!  Look how much FUN this kid is now having… and big brother joins in!…


Ah, here’s what we love… nice big genuine happy faces :)))


Hope this helps 🙂

Whew, I’m exhausted!