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“Women are Crazy, Men are Stupid”

Stupid is as crazy does… Meet Howard Morris and Jenny Lee, an adorable couple who co-authored the new book “Women are Crazy, Men are Stupid” – Release date September 15th. So ask yourselves:  Does men’s stupid behavior drive women crazy, or does women’s madness leave men dumbfounded and driven to idiocy?  It’s a vicious cycle, but here’s the question Howard and Jenny dissect and answer in the book: What comes first, the crazy or the stupid?

My job was to get some great shots for their book jacket cover –  pics that will look like they were shot in a photo booth.  Aren’t these two adorable?


Howard and Jenny kindly gave me an advance copy of the book, and it is as hysterical and informative as it is honest and touching.  Not to mention inspiring… because as a single gal, it’s nice to know that a girl with a touch of madness can find a man who’s not that bright, and they can laugh together at the speed bumps on that wild happy road called relationship.

Sorry to be sappy, but hey, I’m a girl, and I get a little crazy.  It’s all men’s fault.  Oops, did I just give away the ending? :)))