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Whole Lotta Blonde Goodness

It’s holiday picture time!… and I am busy busy shooting family photos all during the fall.  Here is quick peek from a shoot this past weekend – a photo party in the park with the beautifully blonde, all-American, sweet Benson family.

Love a good close-up…


One of my recent favorites…  It just says DAD to me…


And let’s not forget how all this craziness started…


These pics make me feel good.  They are a reminder for what’s important in life… being silly, loving, playful, comforting, and connected to the ones you truly truly love.

xoxo – I’ll try to blog more soon!



Ashli Marino is one cool girl. She is super sweet, easy going, affectionate with her parents, loving with her friends, and has a way with animals.  So it’s only natural that she celebrated her Sweet Sixteen birthday on Friday with family, over 200 friends, and a few furry beasts: an African Lion, a Mountain Lion, an African Monkey, and a Wolf.

Pre-party, getting ready…



Peeking out of the dressing room as her friends arrive…


Ashli makes a grand entrance with a wolf, and the paparazzi swarm!


This African Lion is named Romeo, and we weren’t allowed to get too close.  Romeo’s trainer told me to stand back up when I had crouched down for a shot, warning me that Romeo may try to fire pee at us.  Seriously? Yes.


The African Monkey is also “very dangerous” according to the trainers, and no stranger is allowed to hold, pet, or interact with him… Until he met Ashli and was completely won over by her.  Look at him – he’s practically coo’ing in her lap.  (Do monkeys coo?)  And yes, even though he’s wearing a diaper, he still looks scary to me.


The dance floor was packed the entire time…


The party was held outside at Mountain Gate Country Club.  My second shooter for the evening was the amazing Shani Barel – who’s presence on Friday night was a Godsend.  I recommend her highly!  I am so grateful for her enthusiasm, positive attitude, and generosity.  Here are a couple of Shani’s shots…



It’s all about the shoes, until —


Cupcakes and a cocktail of milk – perfect.


Happy Sweet Sixteen, Ashli!

Thank you for a memorable evening, and I’m looking forward to geeking out with our camera’s together soon 🙂



Santa Monica Pier, Sarah and Aaron Pt. 2

I’ve known 4 yr. old twins Sarah and Aaron since they were born, and I’ve been lucky to photograph them every year of their young lives since. I’m crazy about these two kids! – they have such personality, are so loving and energetic, and are hands down the most cooperative and up-for-anything toddlers I’ve ever met.

What a great job I have, to spend an afternoon with these two little packages of happiness at Santa Monica Pier…


Gazing out at the sea…


Sarah is definitely the “me first!” type of girl, independent and fearless, quick to laugh and easy to smile.  While Aaron is laid back, super sweet and very silly.  This picture says it all…


Running after pigeons, running after each other, or just running wild – these two ran almost the entire time.


Snack faces.


Putting a penny in for luck…


Celebrating his win with “woofie” and “swish!”


This girl’s got sass… she doesn’t walk, she struts!


Whew! – a moment of rest…


…and that was all before lunchtime!

Stayed tuned for more 🙂



Santa Monica Pier, Sarah and Aaron

Busy Busy!… I’m so fortunate to be booked solid every holiday season with family portrait sessions, and this year is my busiest.  I’ll catch up with postings this week.  In the meantime, here’s a quick sneak peek of one of the most fun shoots this year.

Little 4 yr. old twins, Sarah and Aaron at Santa Monica Pier yesterday.  It does not get any more adorable and sweet than these two…


More tasty cuteness on the blog tomorrow!



You Can Be Anything!

Billy Elliot is one of my top favorite movies of all time… and I’m not ashamed to say so is Rocky and Flashdance!  I’m a sucker for the underdog story and any movie that’s about heart, courage, and pursuing your dream.  You really can be anything you want to be.  You just need to decide! – which can sometimes be tough when there are so many exciting, wonderful, interesting, and amazing things to be 🙂

You can be a silly black cat…


…or a freaky witch in a hat…


You can be a a really good dancer – a prima ballerina…


…or a top model and fashionista…


…and these are just a few things that this little girl wants to be.  I’m sure for this Halloween coming up, she’ll have another half dozen costumes for me to shoot.  And I love that!… a girl after my own heart – why choose just one?  You can be anything, and you can be everything! 🙂



Baby Face

There is nothing like a good close-up. And nothing like a great face.  I can gaze into this little guy’s eyes for days, and I can giggle at his laugh every time I take a peek at his pics.  I LOVE faces.  If you’re 80 weeks young or 80 years old…  Give me a face and I’ll give you a good close-up 🙂


And here are a quick couple of sneak peek pics of Mr. Blonde & Blue-Eye’d with his mom, who had a baby the very next day after our shoot!  Pics of the new family to come soon…


Have a fabulous day, and I hope you get a chance to get in closer with the next great face you run into 🙂