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A Walk about Fiesole

One of my favorite things to do here in Italy is to just walk and see where it takes me. Step outside the villa where I’m living, and in any direction is rich beauty, history, nature, soulfulness, and wonderful characters… everything and everyone a fascinating romantic story in itself. If you keep striding up the steep hillside, about 40 minutes up, you’ll arrive in the small ancient town of Fiesole, where there are remains from civilizations dating back to 8th century BC. There is a Roman-era amphitheatre where they hold classical and jazz music concerts in the summer, a temple, thermal baths, and relics showcased in a museum on site. There was only one other person walking around the ruins when I walked around this day, and she quickly left. The beauty, the quiet, the overwhelming history of this place took over, and the afternoon was magical! I absolutely loved walking on the stones and on the proscenium of the stage and along the baths walls – it’s all open for you to enjoy, contemplate, and frolick around.

One of my absolute favorite things here on the Tuscan hillside is all of the Olive trees! They are everywhere, and this particular tree (shown above) was right next to the amphitheatre (shown below) and with the breeze and sun behind it, it was just stunning.



Lots of walking up and walking down, on narrow cobbled streets with stone walls overgrown with moss and vines… all for the benefit of the spectacular views of Florence and the Tuscan countryside… as well as working off that pizza!



You don’t run into many people in and around Fiesole in February – a few ladies heading to early evening mass, a motorcyclist or two, a local nun, a few shop owners… Most of the mazes of streets are quiet and have high stone walls with an amusing dichotomy of either enormous estates behind gated entries or a teeny tiny door in the wall where a family lives – I love that!


Thank goodness my neighborhood is so beautiful, walkable and fascinating! Otherwise that daily salami and cheese habit would be the ruin of me 🙂

thanks for taking a walk with me!