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You Can Be Anything!

Billy Elliot is one of my top favorite movies of all time… and I’m not ashamed to say so is Rocky and Flashdance!  I’m a sucker for the underdog story and any movie that’s about heart, courage, and pursuing your dream.  You really can be anything you want to be.  You just need to decide! – which can sometimes be tough when there are so many exciting, wonderful, interesting, and amazing things to be 🙂

You can be a silly black cat…


…or a freaky witch in a hat…


You can be a a really good dancer – a prima ballerina…


…or a top model and fashionista…


…and these are just a few things that this little girl wants to be.  I’m sure for this Halloween coming up, she’ll have another half dozen costumes for me to shoot.  And I love that!… a girl after my own heart – why choose just one?  You can be anything, and you can be everything! 🙂