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Recipe for Happiness

Photo:  “Her Kiss” – by Unknow. Inspiration is everywhere!… While I was at Rose Pistola in San Francisco about a week or so ago, enjoying a delicious dinner, great company and amazing live jazz… I walked by a photo near the bar that stopped me in my tracks.  I stood there taking it in…  a grainy black and white print of the back of a couple walking down a cobbled street at night, and boy did it tell a story!  The man and woman were both dressed up, obviously on the way home after hours, and the way they embraced spoke volumes and represents everything I love about photography and life!

Our waitress wrote the name of the photographer, Jerry Stoll, on the back of a comment card, but I have yet to find that image anywhere… I’ll keep searching.  And speaking of the comment card, on the front was a handwritten poem by City Lights Booksellers co-founder Laurence Ferlinghetti.  Once again I was moved, and this time I can let it speak for itself…  The photo above is the closest thing I can find to the one I saw in SF that night – enjoy and be inspired 🙂


One grand boulevard with trees
with one grand café in sun
with strong black coffee in very small cups

One not necessarily very beautiful
man or woman who loves you

One fine day