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Things that make me Happy, Italia edition no. 1

Part 2 will be blogged next week! Stay tuned 🙂


x. Christa

Man About Town, The Scotch Tasting

It’s not often that a girl gets to dip into a Scotch Tasting at The Jonathan Club in Downtown LA – an old school boy’s club if ever there was one!  So I consider myself one lucky gal!… Last weekend, I was invited to a Bachelor Party scotch tasting hosted by Coe Bloomberg, Man about Town, lucky groom to be, and long-time member of the JC.  I’ve been an honorary member of the Bloomberg family since I shot their family photos about 5 years ago… I’ve since shot 4 of their weddings, some headshots, engagement pictures, boudoir – you name it! – and we’ve shared many dinners and good times.  I adore the Bloombergs, and I get teary-eyed at all of their events… such a sap.

When Coe invited me to join him and the boys at the Macallan Scotch Tasting – to photograph the event – he insisted that I take a seat and enjoy some scotch.  Well, if you insist!


Toasting the man of the hour.  Groom to be, Coe (on the right) with his two son-in-laws to be… along with a few dozen other guys 🙂


We enjoyed 6 different types of Macallan Scotch that night.  Upon arriving, we were greeted with a 12 (I missed out on that – long story – but I was bounced at first 🙂  Then we moved on to the 15 – which was yummy.  Then the 17, which was interesting… Then… my absolute favorite, the 18!… oh, delicious!  I had more notes on the complexities and flavors of each, but I’ve totally forgotten the details, so I just remember varying levels of “Oh my lord, that’s Yummmmy!”  Hee hee – I’m a girl.

The 4th round was the so-called “King of Malts” the 21, but eh, didn’t beat my 18.


The JC version of Good Cop / Bad Cop.


The groom’s son, Chris, sniffing the scotch right before winning a bottle of my beloved 18, which of course he gave to his dad…


Making it “neat” – Yes, I’m taking a pic with my right and drinking with my left.  Hey, I was a guest too!  Is this pic tilted?…


Uh oh – better put down the camera. That’s all for now!…

A bit of boudoir coming up next…

Cheers! with the 18 🙂


Man About Town, The German

Ok, I have a confession to make… this man, this gorgeous German, is the reason I have been such a neglectful blogger lately.  Gunnar and I met in December at the Tony Robbins event, Date with Destiny…. and well… it sure was!  He just flat out rocked my world…

Last week, we spent about 20 minutes in my studio taking some shots for his business, but I gotta say… I was taking shots for me!  I wanted to capture all the parts I love…  handsome, hot, and masculine… thoughtful, sexy, and fun.



Ok, I admit it – I asked him to take it all off…


…and I’ll end it on that note 🙂

I had a blast switching it up and photographing a man, my man in particular this time.  I hope to make “Man About Town” a regular feature on the blog to balance out all the boudoir shoots with some masculine energy!

Amen to that 🙂



“Women are Crazy, Men are Stupid” by Howard J. Morris and Jenny Lee has just hit the bookstores, and I couldn’t be more excited.  The couple had commissioned me back in April to shoot their author photographs for the book jacket… The shoot was a blast and the pics are meant to look like a photo booth strip (take a peek at their session here.)

The couple and the book are already receiving positive reviews and have been featured on “Good Morning America” and in The NY Times.  So run to the bookstore and buy this hysterical and honest account of how stupid and crazy clash and accomodate each other.

Then flip allllll the way to the back….


…and scan way waaaaaaaay down…  Let me zoom in for you…


Lol!  Published!  Kind of.

This past weekend, I brought my mom into the bookstore to surprise her, and when I opened the book to the back flap – she just said “Wait, I have to get my glasses.”  lol!




Big strong dads just get me.  Right there. I’m such a sucker for the MVP dad – Fathers who love their family, love their kids, have fun, have a sense of humor, have all the time in the world to spend doing the important things – throwing the kids in the air, carrying the bags, letting them cry on your shoulder, telling their mom that she’s the most amazing woman on earth.  That’s what it’s all about.  Period.

Here’s just a little glimpse at one of my favorite dads in action…


This one is my hands-down favorite. “Me too, me too!!!”


To all the great Dads in the world – thank you!  Thank you for playing along and being strong 🙂



Boot Black

Giovanni Nicola Meola was born in Teora, Italy in 1890 and arrived at Ellis Island March 14th 1904 with his parents.  He was only 14 years old, and his occupation was listed as “Boot Black” – a person who shines and polishes shoes.  Nine years later he married Filomena Melillo and proceeded to have ten kids – the ninth was my dad, Thomas John Meola.

My dad used to tell me stories of how he spent time as a kid during the depression at my grandfather’s store, a combination shoe shine shop and candy store in Newark, NJ… where my dad enjoyed giving free candy to poor kids and drinking wine with his dad in the back room next to the pot belly stove.  Maybe for this reason, I’ve always loved shoe shine guys – or any skilled laborer really.  I enjoy watching a person work in their surroundings, the tools they use, how they’ve perfected a technique… just as I like to watch artists sketch a drawing.

I’ve been planning on shooting a series of shoe shine shops and the men that run the joints… I’d like to think I’ll publish a book someday, titled “Boot Black” of course.  I’m experimenting with sepia for this project to lend it an old school warm and worn look.   First up is Minas, the shoemaker next door to my photo studio.


Minas is such a character… he’s Armenian and arrived in the states 13 years ago via Moscow.  Minas watches my back and my shop, takes Fed Ex deliveries when I’m not there, makes sure that my shop is locked up at the end of the day, and helps me move heavy furniture.  Most importantly, he tells me jokes every time I see him.





A few tools of the trade…


“Christina, what are you still taking pictures for?”


And then he sends me on my way with a joke…


Minas has such a thick accent, I only catch about 25% of what he’s saying.  Every time he tells me a joke, I laugh my butt off the whole time because I can’t even understand a word, but his delivery is priceless.



Sunday Jazz on a Tuesday



Easy like Sunday Morning… it was such a great day in southern California on Sunday, one where the air just has you feeling grateful for every little simple thing. I had an early shoot with the Wachler family, and it just shouldn’t be right to laugh that much on the job… well I guess I shouldn’t laugh at the kids.

We had such a great time, and then I walked over to theFarmer’s Market on Swathmore, where this beautiful man was playing some sweet jazz. And what a face! He didn’t seem to mind me all up in his business taking shots, and when he finished playing, he just gave me this big humble adorable smile (below). I was on such a high, I left the market with two bunches of my favorite flowers, ten containers of healthy home-made soup, and one huge smile on my face. Until I got home, and then I thought What am I doing with all this soup?!


Is this not a GREAT FACE??