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Capturing Authentic Joy

How to take photos “as awe inspiring as your kid’s world-class cuteness!” The awesome new resource for moms and photographers has launched!.. Check out TheMomtographers.com – the place to go for inspiration, easy lessons, geeking out with other momtogs, and bringing your snaps to a whole new level!

The Momtographers, Krista Njapa and Adrienne Gray, launched their beautiful site with an interview of me and the best advice I could offer momtogs on how to capture what The Momtogs call my specialty… “Authentic Joy!”  So without further ado, here it is:

“We couldn’t be prouder in our premier edition of  “Help A Momtographer Out!” to introduce you to Los Angeles Photographer, Christa Meola. In fact, left on it’s surface, describing Christa with just the term photographer is a little misleading. Treat yourself to a few minutes going through her portfolio, and you’ll understand what we mean. She’s an artist that truly captures the spirit of family with her unique voice – life, sung in the key of happy.  Every image radiates a joy and warmth, clearly infused with her sunny perspective.

So before we go trying to change her business cards to something like “Purveyor of Photographic Sunshine”, let’s ask her a few questions….”

Read more of the Interview here:  “How to Capture Authentic Joy, with Christa Meola”

Congratulations to TheMomtographers!… It’s a beautiful and fun site that will help thousands of moms everywhere capture the meaningful moments of everyday life 🙂



The Momtographers Interview

I was thrilled to be asked to be the first interviewee for the launch of the new photography website themomtographers.com, a collaboration between two moms and photographers extraordinaire Adrienne Gray and Krista Njapa.  Their wonderful new site is focused on being a community and resource for moms and photo-enthusiasts of all levels.

I had such fun doing the interview with Krista and Adrienne, two girls with heart and talent!  Here are just a few of the questions from the interview….

“When did it become apparent that photography is something you wanted to do for a living?”

“How did you find your style, and any tips for moms on how to capture your signature “authentic joy” in their own shots?”

“How do you find the best natural light?”

“What’s your #1 transformational tip?”

…and you’ll have to wait for the launch for my answers!  The launch is set for end of December, and I will keep you posted!