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Backyard Adventures

Nothing like hanging with your little brother in the backyard gettin into trouble! After capturing some beautiful moments playing and cuddling in the master bedroom, the Coleman family and I ventured out into their backyard, and boy did we have fun!  We fed squirrels, played chase, picked flowers, bounced balls, climbed on garden sculptures and toy cars, held hands, hugged, and just plain out exhausted me!…

I love photographing siblings – there’s no other relationship like it.  Here’s a peek of Part 2 in a series of the Coleman family, who were fabulous hosts of a Photo Party, and received major coverage by me as a big ole Thank You.


This one of the little guy on the right is absolutely my favorite shot I’ve taken recently – I just love how he went to smell the flower and it tickled his face instead!  Don’t you want to just eat him up?


Families just do not get better looking than this!  Or easier to shoot…


Hey, this is what big sisters are for!


Cheek to cheek – so beautiful, it hurts.