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Z.LARRIS Fashion Shoot, Pt. 2

I’ve come a long way from my old school old style back in Jersey, where oh yes, I had the requisite parachute pants, fat laces, jordache jeans, and wig wam socks.  And I rocked every single one of those looks.  Nowadays, I try to hip it up a bit sometimes, but let’s face it – I think comfort is cool.  Which is why I loooove the Z.LARRIS line – most of the pieces are cashmere and every item is so yummy on my skin :))   Kathi Berman, the designer, is such a sweetheart and generously gave me a couple of my favorite pieces from her line as a Thank You after the shoot.  How cool is that?!   And today, she surprised me with the sexiest most beautiful Miriam Haskell ring I ever saw.  Yup, I still haven’t taken it off, and I’m wearing it to bed tonight… just the ring and nothing else, except of course my wig wam socks.

THANK YOU again Kathi, for classing a girl up!






Z.LARRIS Fashion Shoot

Crazy week – let me bottom-line it for you…  seven days of the NY Body Plan, a car accident (well two really), a ten-hour fashion shoot, and many other interesting life developments…  I have survived and am thrilled!… a bit dazed and confused with very sore quads perhaps, but very very happy 🙂

Here are a few sneak peek pics from Monday’s shoot for Z.LARRIS, a beautiful, cool, and comfy new clothing line.  I am happy to say that the crew and models said it was the most relaxed set they’ve been on.  Well amen to that.  And we were even ahead of schedule the whole day.  I shoot fast, I tell ya… but all credit and my deepest heartfelt appreciation goes to each of the wonderful, talented, and extremely kind people involved:

The Z.LARRIS clothing designer is Kathi Berman.
Make-up Artist is the super talented Mr. Jeff Siegel of Vanity Scientist.
Hair is creatively coiffed by Vanessa Amoretti of Chaos Beauty.
The on-top-of-it-all Photographer’s Assistant is Christopher Doody.
Models are: Diana D., Samantha Kong, and Stacey Villagomez
And a million thanks and one big fat juicy steak to my knight in shining armor and genius digital tech Russ Langford of Royal Capture



And this one just for fun 🙂


Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow, and lot’s more exciting news coming soon!…


Simple, Subtle, Seductive



The only wardrobe was a pair of shoes… and sometimes that’s all a girl needs 🙂 Here’s a quick peek from a boudoir session with Veronica…. most pics are too riske´ to post. This picture below is my favorite from the shoot. I love to get lost in the beauty of a face. It’s one of my favorite things 🙂