Siena, Italy!

Let’s be honest. We all have sorely missed the blog posts from ITALIA! I am getting so freaking excited for my summer trip back to Italy, that I’m going into my archives from this past Spring and my days spent shooting/living/loving the Tuscan countryside to share the pics you haven’t seen!

First stop: a classic Tuscan medieval hill town, gorgeous Siena!

The town is built on a series of hills, and it’s so steep that outdoor cafe tables are balanced on stilts!

Doorways everywhere are adorned by Bacchus, god of wine, and chianti bottles in celebration of this region’s overflowing and divine vino rosso!

These were shots I took from the top of the Bell Tower, 505 steps up through narrow stone staircases, but well worth it!

View from the tower of the city’s main center, Piazzo del campo Siena.

Ah, youth!

..and speaking of youth, why are you letting a single more day go by without booking your trip to Italy this summer!!

If ya missed it, peek at all of my Italian pics and stories, including Firenze Street Art, hot Men of Italia, my Villa in Firenze, and a Nude Photo Session with women built out of stone!

a presto!

x. Christa
ps. Keep your eyes peeled to the blog for more of my Tuscan frolicking, including Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, and more from my backyard of Firenze.