FAQs, Freebies and 10 Spots Left!

Hello Boudoir Bad-Asses! Wanted to give you a quick heads-up that we have only TEN SEATS LEFT for the ONLINE BOUDOIR WORKSHOP, which starts tomorrow! I am THRILLED with all the wonderful people we’ve got signed-up from all over the world! We are well-represented: Newbies and pro’s, women and men, Canon and Nikon 🙂

I wanted to tell you about all the AWESOME FREE STUFF we’re giving away during the workshop!

This is what ALL attendees who sign-up are receiving:

Free 2-month membership to Pictage

My exclusively designed “Perfect Boudoir Sample Kit” from Pictage when you sign up for extended membership at 60% off, which includes:

+One hour free retouching services!

+Free album design!

+Free 10×10 20-page press-printed album!

+The supah sexy little black box of Ten 5×5 Art Prints

$50 Gift Card from Simply Color Lab!

30% off print & bind with Leathercraftsmen!

15% off all gear rentals from LensProToGo yo!

And here are some of the goodies we will be giving out through-out the course:

A copy of my book “EXPOSED: Redefining Boudoir” signed by me 🙂

Two $100 Gift Cards from Adorama!

$100 Gift Card from LensProToGo!

Super Mini-Album Sample Kit: set of 4 smoking hot accordion books from Simply Color Lab valued at $100+

And more being added every week!

And just to answer any last-minute Qs, here are the Top 3 FAQs about the ONLINE BOUDOIR WORKSHOP! beginning Tuesday June 14 – tomorrow!

1. I have something scheduled during a few dates this summer. Do I have to be available at certain times, and will I miss anything?
You won’t miss a thing! I built this boudoir workshop for busy bees like me, and so the content is available 24/7 baby! Plus all the juicy content will be online and available to you for 8 weeks! Plenty of time for you to watch/listen/learn at your convenience! How cool is that.

2. I have no experience. I’m a total newbie. Is this the right course for me?

Hell yeah!! Talk about perfect timing! This course will short cut your learning curve and get you started with smart habits and powerful tips in a super fun way that will set you up for success with my very simple, totally easy, and budget-friendly approach! Sign-up, and you will thank yourself!

3. I’m already a pro. Is this too basic for me?
Awesome! well let me ask you: are your sales where you want them to be right now? are you creatively juiced and completely inspired? do you want to spend less time in post? do you have raving fan clients that spread the word about you like wild fire? are you having FUN with your business? if you can’t answer a whole-hearted HELL YES! to any of these q’s, then sign up baby! We’re going to bring your creativity and success to the next level!

Once again, there are only 10 SPOTS LEFT! Grab your’s now!

Update: The Workshop is SOLD OUT.

“Best money I’ve ever spent on my business. Period. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”
Erin Nelson, San Francisco, CA

Get all the JUICY INFO, read the REVIEWS, watch the SEXY TRAILER and SIGN-UP NOW!