Lush Messy & Sexy, Exciting News!

Spring is HERE! and I’m so jumping up and down happy for all the exciting things happening. Some cool news for you:

1. The brand-spanking new & sexy will be launching this Monday, April 25th! wooohooo! not only did it receive a sleek redesign but also lots of awesome new features for you. Here are just a few…

The Pro Photographer Manifesto, 10 Habits of Successful Pro’s – is a free download for pro’s to remind us to keep our game on the pro level and for those just starting out to encourage wise habits from the beginning.
New Resources section – you asked and now you will be provided with all of my favorite vendors and resources, including links to the workflow process I use and where I get all my goods.
New Q&A section – with answers to all of your burning questions – there are over 30 FAQ’s – if you’d like to ensure that your Q is on this list, then please leave it in the comments below and I’ll include it.

2. Announcing the 1st ever Very Sexy Boudoir Workshop ONLINE with Christa Meola… it’s a 6 week course, I mean 6 week party, that starts June 14th! This is for all of you who can’t make it the in person workshops, who asked for me to visit your town, who want to play from home in your pj’s, who want tons of personal interaction with me, who want 6 weeks of awesome content, video demo’s, assignments and feedback – all for an affordable price. More juicy details and registration opening next week!

3. Lots of Give-aways! All of my favorite things from Italy! well not ALL of my favorite things, lol 🙂  There will be a leather bag, lingerie, the COOLEST boudoir mask ever, red wine, olive oil, of course lots of chocolate, limoncello, your choice of a fine art italia print signed by me, etc… it’s going to be epic, seriously.

Pretty cool right. So come on back soon – now that I’m back in Firenze from 2 weeks of road trippin around southern italy, I’ve got tons of gorgeousness on the blog in store for you…

ps. remember to leave your question or just plain ol’ love in the comments now! thank you!


x. Christa