The 6 creativeLIVE Boudoir Workshop Participants!

I’ve been watching all the wonderful video submissions (56 total!) to attend my creativeLIVE Boudoir Workshop for weeks, and it’s been the most difficult decision trying to narrow you all down to just six. I LOVED all your videos. You all made me laugh and smile, and even get choked up.

You are a creative bunch that will go far, and I just want to thank every single one of you (which I did personally on twitter 🙂 for having the courage to step in front of the camera, take action, take a risk, and put yourself out there. Believe me, I know how hard it was to shoot my video, lol, and I’m so grateful and honored that you all took the time to send me a message about your passion and desires. I truly wish I could have you all there, but dang, the producers at creativeLIVE insisted on an intimate group of six.

So, here they are!…

Nicole Gravatt – Kansas City, KS
Carlo Nicora – London, England
Brandy Medina – Charlotte, NC
Michelle Coppini – Fort Walton Beach, FL
B. Allan Stewart – Melbourne, AR
Jen Mcken – Blairsville, PA

Congratulations! I am so looking forward to seeing you all in Seattle, geeking out together for 3-days (of “Awesomeness!”), and helping you bring your business, creativity, and brand to whole ‘nother level baby!

I hope everyone will join us live online on Feb. 10-12. To grab your ringside seat to the action, enroll now for free.

Lots of love and inspiration,