Workshop FAQ’s

Hope everyone is enjoying a magical holiday season so far! A quick Workshop Update for you: I’m thrilled with the amazing people that we’ve got signed up for the workshop… men and women, young and not-so-young, from several states and as far away as Germany!

There are only two spots left! and here are the questions that y’all are asking…

Deb asked:
I am a photography hobbyist who is considering the transition to pro.  I have shot several friends/family and they have been extremely pleased.  But, do I need more experience under my belt before I take your workshop?
I can relate to where you are right now – I was there too 🙂  And I have to say, I wish I had taken some workshops when I was just starting out.  You can save so much time, money, and angst by learning from others’ experience, mistakes, and expertise.  This is the perfect time for you to take as many workshops as you can afford – you’ll be soooo glad you did 🙂  Half of my workshop attendees are looking to make major changes in their business and the other half are just starting out, and all of you want to take your photography to the next level!  I will give you everything I know and do the best I can to help you with that 🙂

Trisha asked:
I don’t know how to use Photoshop… do I need to learn that before taking your workshop?

Not at all.  I will teach you the simplest easiest way to use Photoshop.  Because as a photographer, you don’t need to know all that PS is capable of, just the most important tools.  I’ll show you the Top Ten Tricks I use all the time, and how easy it is!  You’ll be a photoshoppin’ freak in no time!

Nadine asked:
I’m not a professional and I’m just a beginner, so I’m a little intimidated… I still shoot on Automatic! Is that okay?

Yes, about half of the attendee’s will be shooting on automatic, and that’s perfect for where you’re at right now.  I will give the automatic shooters a quick easy lesson on how to begin the transition to manual.  But for the most part, let’s focus on what’s going on in front of the camera, not fooling with your settings.  (A small secret: I shot on automatic for waaaay too long, and I wish I had tried manual sooner!  So I’m going to shortcut that learning curve for you. )

Tina asked:
What should I bring?

Your gear: camera, lenses, batteries, etc.
A laptop if you’ve got it.
A sense of humor and playfulness!

Bob asked:
Are there still spots available?

Just two spots left!

Hope this information was helpful, and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and geeking out together!  If your question isn’t on this list, call me up!  I’m happy to discuss whatever’s on your mind 🙂

For details and more information on The Workshop, click HERE.

Talk soon!  xoxo,