Christa Meola Marie Forleo B-School Bonus


Registration is now closed for 2015.

What Marie’s B-School has done for my business:

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may already know that Marie is my business coach, friend and the creator
of B-School.

She’s been on Oprah, worked alongside Richard Branson and was interviewed for her success secrets by my personal
fav Tony Robbins. You don’t keep that kind of company without something extraordinary to say that provides a ton of value.

In 2010, Marie created this new program, B-School, and I signed up right away.

B-School is an 8-week course for modern entrepreneurs. It’s an A-to-Z of everything you need to know to effectively create and market an online business, as well as live coaching calls, a member’s only forum, guest experts, done-for-you resources, and a ton more.

Marie and B-School helped me refine my branding, launch a redesign, book ideal clients, raise my prices, create killer
blog content, and rocket launch the effectiveness of my online marketing. I learned to work smart and create a
vision of my business and brand based on what is truly meaningful to me. And that’s not all B-School did for me…

It DOUBLED my income.

Yup, doubled it. (And I was already at six figures.)

That was back in 2010. And now this legendary program, B-School, has improved my business like nothing before
or since, and I’ve gone through it five times as a proud alum and partner.

B-School has helped me:

√ maintain consistent and steady growth every year since I started B-School
√ create a life and business that I love
√ get booked solid with ideal clients
√ develop a website that sells me and my products 24/7
√ save so much time and frustration
√ start and grow my list from zero to tens of thousands of subscribers
√ earn $50,000 on my first online program launch
√ create killer digital products and online programs
√ reach every financial and personal goal I set for myself during B-School

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to help make sure this program is right for you. I’ve received a lot of email from people asking me for the TRUTH
about the program. So, here are the top FAQ’s I’ve been asked about B-School and my shoot it to you straight answers:

“C’mon is B-School really all that? Is this really going to help me?”

There is no other program I recommend as highly as B-School to create and market a business online, because I’ve
witnessed the thousands of success stories across 77 countries and 160 industries. Marie is the real deal and a total pro
at breaking it down so you easily succeed, whether you are a photographer working out of your home, own a brick
and mortar retail store, building a lifestyle brand, or haven’t gotten started yet. Marie keeps it simple, straight-forward
and relatable – which is why B-School has thousands of success stories from all over the world from everyday
entrepreneurs, such as at-home parents, recent college grads, retirees, and total tech-phobes like me.

“What if I’m too busy or just not ready? Should I wait til next year?”

Don’t feel totally ready yet? I can relate. When Marie first offered the program in 2010, I didn’t feel like I was ready
yet, but I followed my gut and Marie’s proven track record. (BTW, my BFF didn’t take the course with me that year,
and she’s still kicking herself in the ass for missing out and feeling so far behind now.)

Busy? Marie only runs B-School once a year, but you have lifetime access to the course, and even if you start later,
you’ll still get way more than your money’s worth.

Will B-School help me book more clients? How does B-School help photographers?

Yes, and even better than that, B-School teaches you how to identify your ideal client. (Super important! And this is
what most photographers miss.) It’s critical to know who is and isn’t right for you and vice versa to have a thriving
business that you enjoy. Further, you’ll learn how to connect and communicate with clients at a deep level. The level
where they trust you, emotionally connect with you, and are moved to action.

You won’t learn lighting or composition in B-School. But for the thousands of photographers I’ve had the honor of
teaching who say their biggest struggle is marketing and getting paid clients, this is THE best training available.
Whether you’re selling photo shoots or shoes, the online marketing strategies that Marie teaches in B-School
are a must for any business.

Here’s my biggest tip for you: the community alone is worth enrolling in B-School! It’s the most supportive, varied,
generous and dedicated group of entrepreneurs I’ve ever seen. B-Schoolers have created life-long friendships, business
partnerships and a ton of success together. Not to mention you’ll now have a pool of people to trade services with.
Need a web designer or tech wiz? They’re in there! Giving you their insider expert advice (and they probably need
photos for their website. Just saying.)

Why should I sign up through you, Christa? What are the benefits?

I want to make sure you get the most out of this program and get the support you need to apply it to your business.
So I just added an incredible (my best EVER) Bonus Package (worth $1,999+ in value) when you enroll for B-School
through my link on this page.

You’ll get my one-on-one expert advice and guidance as a 5-time B-School alum, successful photographer, published
author, international speaker, business owner and entrepreneur. You’ll have my mentorship throughout the course,
answering your q’s, guiding you through the program, supporting you and making sure you are on track!

You’ll receive:

√ Unlimited and exclusive access 24/7 to my support
√ Accountability! I know for me, personally, this is the #1 factor I need to create massive action and results
√ Prompt and specific feedback so you get ALL of your questions answered
√ New photographs by Christa that capture who you are for your business or boudoir – we can do both!
√ An intimate environment (through a private FB group) so you don’t feel “lost in the shuffle” in B-School’s
overwhelming numbers

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Scroll down further to see my full Bonus Package.

What others are saying about B-School and Christa’s Bonus Package…


B-School looked pretty good to start with, and Christa’s package was truly an amazing value. I don’t know what the other partners offered, but I’m guessing those of us who signed up with Christa WON on value – tangible and intangible! -Graciela Valdes

Having both Marie at B-School (which is a phenomenal course) and Christa working in unison for photographers and entrepreneurs is a must for any photographer looking to grow their business. -Lisa White


I would definitely recommend B-School through Christa because without it, B-School is difficult to translate to photography. And Christa’s bonus is a must. I wouldn’t have done B-School without it. -Lincoln Lease

Absolutely recommend! Christa’s bonus package was the biggest and best I’ve heard of yet throughout all of B-School! -Heidi Hapanowicz


It’s a no-brainer! Christa’s bonus is amazing! So glad I made the right decision. I would not allow a friend to not sign up through Christa! -Angelica Roberts

I absolutely signed up for B-School because of Christa’s bonus, and I’m so glad I did! I didn’t feel lost in the sea of B-Schoolers because Christa made it a more personal experience. -Meggan Weece


When I saw what Christa was offering as a bonus for signing up through her for B-School, I didn’t hesitate for a second. Her bonuses were AMAZING!! Honestly, the mini shoot with her was enough for me to sign up! I would most definitely recommend it! -Courtney Engle

Have more questions? Not sure if B-School is right for you? 

Shoot me an email at, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Include the best number to reach you, and I’ll happily give you a buzz so we can chat and get all your questions answered. I’m looking forward to helping you discover if B-School is right for you.  



To make this program even more exciting and beneficial to your biz, I’m partnering with Marie again this year to complement her training. I’ve created the juiciest Bonus Package ever! A $1,999+ value. If you’ve ever wanted a shoot with me, to be mentored by me, be a fly on the wall at one of my shoots, and get the biggest bang for your buck, this is your chance.

Registration is now closed for 2015.

Christa’s Big Bonus package was the reason I did B-School. DO IT. -Sarah Murray

It’s essential that you click on one of my links on this page to receive my bonus package. As a 5-time alum, partner and proud affiliate of Marie’s program, I may receive a referral fee when you sign-up through my link. Which is a win-win-win situation and how I’m able to provide this generous added-value bonus package to you. When you receive your order confirmation from B-School, simply hit reply and jot a short note to verify that you are on Christa Meola’s bonus list.



 Two different looks (wardrobe changes)
Two different sets (backgrounds & lighting)
Custom Portraits by Christa
20-minute session
My favorite studio in NYC
Ten or more gorgeous portraits.

Sat. June 13th

You’ll be amazed at the great number of beautiful images we can create in in these mini-sessions.
I’ve been shooting mini’s (some under 10 min’s) for several years now,
and they always yield spectacular results!


These are amazing! I absolutely LOVE what you did. I absolutely ADORE these photos. WOW!
-Kate Northrup


Christa is part artist, part business strategist. She actually helps you SEE yourself at your next level of success. And captures it on film. -Jolene Smith Garcia

Christa makes women look like fantasies of themselves — it’s so fabulous. And fun. There’s a spirit of defiance and rebellion about the photos, but also a joy…and the joy comes from the kind of atmosphere that Christa was able to create. Amazing. -Justine Musk


Wow, Christa!!! I fucking love love loved working with you. Loved. You are amazing. Thank you for the best photos of my life. -Regena Thomasheur

WOW. The pictures are wow. I am so stunned by your talent. You really captured the best of me. This is the me I strive to be. -Gry Sindig


OMG Christa! So freaking amazing!! Thank you thank you thank you! Seriously, the photos are beyond cool. -Nathalie Lussier

Christa made me feel I was in perfect hands and completely taken care of. She’s the real deal. Ridiculously talented good people attract likewise – Christa’s team was just like her: warm, friendly, highly-skilled and fun. -Juls Arthur


THANK YOU for the amazing photos. They turned out so wonderful. You are a miracle worker to say the least!! Thanks again for taking such great care of me in the shoot! -Amy Porterfield



A One-day Exclusive Backstage Pass!

A special invitation to go behind the scenes to watch me shoot LIVE in NYC.

Be a fly on the wall during my shoots:
Want to see my team and me in action?
See how I work with my assistant,
How we use the sapce in my fav studio to create variety,
How I work with my clients to create flattering authentic pictures,
and how I pose and light my subjects, on every single shoot.

Q&A afterwards.

June 12th, NYC


Invaluable. I had my first post-OTK shoots yesterday. Such a difference in how I create images now! I feel like my work has “grown up” into the style I’ve been trying to shoot for two years. I also received ten inquiries after posting some sneaks today. I made some amazing friendships and left with a fresh new approach to photographing women. I have noticed a huge change in my photography after that trip. -Joanna Smith


It was a ton of fun and the networking was amazing. My biggest takeaway is how simple Christa’s sets are and that I don’t need a ton of fancy backdrops and places to shoot to be successful. I’ve started implementing some of Christa’s posing tips into my shoots, and it’s been really helpful. -Heidi Hapanowicz

Thanks Christa for generously giving of your time and talent. I am grateful to have been a part of this. -Joel Callaway

LL 2

It was great! First, Christa is awesome. Second, it’s good to be able to watch a shoot. Observing and being able to ask questions as you go is very helpful. -Lincoln Lease

I enjoyed watching Christa and her team work. The best part is how friendly and open Christa is. She shared so much and her personality is kick ass. I’m proud that I was part of the event. -Sarah Murray

Thanks so much, Christa!  The OTK weekend in NYC was an absolute pleasure. -Linda McMahon


The live photo shoot was so good for me to see. I left there so pumped! It helped me to see what I’m doing right and what I can improve on.  I loved seeing how she interacts with the client. The greatest benefit for me was the confidence I gained. It really was an invaluable experience for so many reasons. I’m very grateful. -Meggan Weece

The NYC weekend has given me a big shove in my derriere to keep going and get moving, it’s definitely brought the fire within and the competitive spirit (in a very positive and good way). -Ina McConnell


I want to make sure you get the most out of this program and get the support you need to apply it to your business, so I’ve set up a private Facebook group just for the people who sign up with my link.

You’ll receive:
√ Unlimited Access 24/7 to my support
√ Accountability! I know for me, personally, this is the #1 factor I need to create massive action and results.
√ My personalized advice and guidance as a 5-time B-School alum, successful photographer, published author,
international speaker, and entrepreneur
√ Prompt and specific feedback so you get ALL of your questions answered
√ An intimate inviting environment so you don’t feel “lost in the shuffle” in B-School’s overwhelming numbers

I will be in the group regularly, answering your q’s and helping guide you through the program and making sure you are on track!


I enjoyed having Christa as a mentor. I still read up daily and am impressed that Christa has time to respond. -Sarah Murray

So wonderful to have a special place to share with you, Christa. I had felt lost in the B-School “comments” sections amongst so many different businesses. THANK YOU! -Dana Parnes

GV 2

Christa has established herself as a leader in her industry and is amazingly accessible and giving with her time and resources. I always felt like I could reach out and ask for anything that I needed either from her or my Meola B-School Smarties group.

Having Christa in my corner during B-School was perfect. -Graciela Valdes

MW 2

Christa was very helpful in our Meola’s B-School FB group.  Spreading encouragement and positiveness to others is important to me, and I thought she was so great about cheering everyone on, giving pep talks and helpful criticism.  She has a great personality to do this!  Thanks so much, Christa!!! -Meggan Weece




To keep the positive momentum going after B-School graduation, I’ll be hosting a revealing group coaching call, where I’ll tackle how to apply B-School principles to your business.

We’ll cover each of the 6 pillars to creating a successful online business, and I’ll take you through the exact same strategies I’ve employed that completely set my biz on fire!



In this video you’ll learn:

√ Portfolio essentials that attract ideal clients
√ How to create a site that stands out from the crowd
√ How to develop copy that gets your ideal client to act
√ The biggest mistakes you’re making that’s turning clients away!


The Money Shots™ are THE shots that sell. Part Pose Book and Part Coaching Guide,
this is a set of inspiring poses and ideas with my instruction so you can easily capture
these Top 20 Best-Selling photographs with enormous success every single time!

Christa’s Money Shots™ are amazing and invaluable information! -Kim Mallory

LOVE the Money Shots™!! I wish I had these when I started out! -Hannah Cherney

 The Money Shots™ are GOLD! -Desiree Aldeguer

The Top 10 Money Shots™ are FABULOUS! I could go on and on! -Dawn Sela

I’m so much more confident knowing the Money Shots™ because now I go into a shoot with a game plan! -Aimelie Ronquillo

LOVE IT! This is the coolest info!!! EVERY ONE of these Money Shots™ is beyond helpful!! -Michelle Kidd

Love, Love, LOVE the Money Shots™ – my favorite content yet, and the way Christa presents them is great. -Bethany Grove

MO”AWESOME info! I can’t wait to go through my photos and find the Money Shots™ to put in my portfolio. I love the format! -Erin Michelle

I love the Money Shots™! I’m not freezing up anymore! -Courtney Paris

I love Christa’s Money Shots ™! They help me out all the time. Now I go to shoots with confidence because I have an action plan instead of just clicking away. -Tammy Coombs

Registration is now closed for 2015.



No. 1 New Photographs for YOU and Your Business ($1,100+ value)
No. 2 “Opening the Kimono!” LIVE event in NYC. A Backstage Pass to my shoots ($600+ value)
No. 3 Mentoring 24/7 throughout B-School via access to my Private FB Group (Not available at any other time)
No. 4 Strategy Session call “Applying B-School Principles to your Photo Biz” (Not available at any other time)
No. 5 Video Tutorial on how to create “Websites that Book You Solid” ($105)
No. 6  My Top 20 Best-Selling Shots: The Money Shots, 1st and 2nd Edition ($194 value)

TOTAL VALUE:  $______ 

You decide the total value. What is it worth to you to:

Have amazing portraits of yourself that capture who you are,
Be a fly on the wall at my studio during real photo shoots,
Know the secrets of my top 20 best-selling shots and how to easily do them yourself,
Have a website that brings clients in your door and keeps you booked solid,
Learn how to apply B-School specifically to your business,
Enjoy Marie’s and my mentorship throughout B-School to create a business and life that you love,
and a community of B-Schoolers to cheer you on and support you while you do it?

That’s priceless if you ask me.
Registration is now closed for 2015.


Not sure if B-School is right for you?
Shoot me an email at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. As a five-time alum, I’m happy to offer you insight. If you prefer the phone (I know I do!), include the best number to reach you, and I’ll happily give you a buzz so we can get all your questions answered. I’m looking forward to it!