The 5 Boudoir Poses You Need To Know and Master

Why These Five Poses?

After I went through my archives of favorite shots a few times, it became quite clear which five poses I was using to create stunning results again and again.

These five are the most useful on a shoot because they are:

Most flattering to the widest variety of women
Offer you the ability to create the most variety out of a single pose
Easiest for nonmodels and pros alike to perform
Easiest for the photographer to manipulate
Knowing these five poses and why they work will make you more confident, and I think that confidence brings artistic freedom along with it.

How to Use These Poses

I use these five poses as a starting point or as a quick solution when I’m in need of ideas. I begin by putting the subject in one of the following “root poses,” as I like to call them, and then coach different actions from a single posture. I walk around my subject, finding and capturing a number of different shots from a variety of intriguing angles. Just by changing your position or making slight adjustments to the model, you can create so much variety and every shade of modesty.

For the following five poses, you’ll see the root pose first and two additional shots of essentially the same posture. I walk around each pose and make sure to capture at least one of each: a full-length picture, a three-quarter portrait, and a close-up—all from the same root. I adjust limbs, hand gestures, and eye lines to communicate different elements of the story and to complement the angle I’m shooting from.

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