Hi Chris!- This is for a Comedy Roast of my hubs, who turns 50 on Christmas. Please read the following jokes and finish with a shout out for Costaki’s 50th bday. He’s been a stand up for almost 30 yrs and is a great sport about roast jokes, but if any of the jokes make you uncomfortable, please feel free to simply leave it out but please complete the rest? Costaki is a huge fan of you Chris – he’s going to love this! THANK YOU! -Christa

(If you get it wrong, it’ll be funny, but his first name is pronounced kah-STAH-kee.)

Costaki Economopoulos

I hear Toby is Costaki’s favorite character. Because Costaki has always wanted to try being funny.

Your wife tells me you watch the show with a box of tissues. I’m hoping that’s not a really weird compliment.

I wore a fat suit for the first season of the show. Why are you wearing yours?

Considering how current your pop culture references are, I can’t wait to hear This Is Us jokes in 2040.

There are only 8 letters in the name of our tv show about a family of five people. Your move, Costaki Economopoulos.

Costaki calls himself the biggest name in comedy. Which is weird, because there are only three letters in “who?”

Costaki is so tall, he can see the end of his career from here.

Costaki is turning 50, which means most of his pop-culture references are turning 100.  
Costaki is a poker player. I think. He says he spends a lot of time on the road focused on his hand.

The Greeks are famous for homosexuality. Except for Costaki. He’s not famous.

Chris, can you find a way to work in “SHOW BUSINESS!” into your shout out? We say that all the time around the house. We adore you! Thank you!