The Money Shots™

What are The Money Shots™?

Part Pose Book and Part Coaching Guide, The Money Shots™
is a set of inspiring poses & ideas to easily capture
with ENORMOUS SUCCESS every single time!

This set of TOP 10 BEST-SELLING BOUDOIR photos
are beautifully presented as 5×7 notecards
ready for you to download now!

The Money Shots™
THE shots that sell!

That’s LESS THAN $10 per shot!
plus, the free iPad and iPhone app!

How I Developed The Money Shots™

Women often approach me for boudoir shoots by emailing me images from my online portfolio that she loves and wants to simulate for her shoot. Again and again, women show me the same type of shots over and over. It’s obvious which pictures are striking a cord with women and prompting them to contact me. I’ve also sat next to hundreds of clients when viewing their photographs and once again, client favorites are clearly apparent. The photographs that elicit the MOST OVERWHELMING POSITIVE RESPONSE have become my TOP 10 BIGGEST SELLERS with my clients. I developed these into The Money Shots™.

Why The Money Shots™ Are Important
Show up on shoots with an action plan and relax knowing you can be certain that by easily coaching these Money Shots™, your client will love her pictures.√ BE BOOKED SOLID!
It’s a no-brainer that including these shots that every woman wants into your portfolio will increase the number of clients you will have jumping at the chance to work with you.

These are the shots that every woman wants and that clients will purchase at every single order session! Incorporate these Money Shots™ into your session and watch your sales soar.

Thrill your clients by delivering shots that will become favorites for a lifetime.

How to use The Money Shots™: I’ve provided the distinct characteristics of each Best-Seller to guide you, as well as SUPER EASY techniques on how to coach it and easily capture it – all while making your sessions MORE FUN! So bring your copy of The Money Shots™ to your next shoot and use it as an instructional check-list of the super hot MUST-HAVE shots that every client wants!

The Money Shots™
Download Instantly!

That’s LESS THAN $10 per shot!
plus, the free iPad and iPhone app! 

“Christa’s Money Shots™ are amazing and invaluable information!”
Kim Mallory, Chilliwack, BC,“The Money Shots™ are GOLD!”
Desiree Aldeguer, San Bruno, CA,“The Top 10 Money Shots™ are FABULOUS! The ass shot will never be the same! I could go on and on!”
Dawn Sela, Beacon, NY“I am so much more confident knowing the Money Shots™ because now I go into a shoot with a game plan!”
Aimelie Ronquillo, Chesapeake, VA“LOVE IT! This is the coolest info!!! EVERY ONE of these Money Shots™ is beyond helpful!!”
Michelle Kidd, Itasca, IL“Love, Love, LOVE the Money Shots™ – my favorite content yet, and the way Christa presents them is great.”
Bethany Grove, Holts Summit, MO“AWESOME info! I can’t wait to go through my photos and find the Money Shots™ to put in my portfolio. I love the format!”
Erin Michelle, Highlands Ranch, CO“I love the Money Shots™! I’m not freezing up anymore!”
Courtney Paris, New Albany, IN

“I love Christa’s Money Shots ™! They help me out all the time. Now I go to shoots with confidence because I have an action plan instead of just clicking away.”
Tammy Coombs, Tracy, CA,

“LOVE the Money Shots™!! I wish I had these when I started out!”
Hannah Cherney, Huntington Beach, CA


The Money Shots™
THE shots that sell! – Download Instantly

That’s LESS THAN $10 per shot!
plus, the free iPad and iPhone app!