About Christa

I believe that imagery is powerful….
and that honoring
our bodies,
& impulses
through photography
— whether in front of or behind the camera —
is sublimely empowering.
And profoundly sexy.I’m a self-declared Sensualist
and have been infatuated with visual storytelling
since my my dad taught me how to draw,
depicting light and shadow.

I have a penchant for capturing sensual escapades,
black & white bodyscapes,
adoration in motion,
and making simple moments

I’m on a mission
to empower women to adore their bodies
through private 1-on-1 shoots in NYC and destinations around the world
— and coach photographers into flexing their business muscles
through my live events and products.

I like to let my photos do most of the talking.

(They have a sexier accent.)