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Women’s March is More Than Just a Moment

Saturday, January 21st, 2017.

As photographers who specialize in photographing women, we often talk about our core mission of “empowering women.”

I wanted to walk the walk, so I went to the Women’s March in Washington D.C.

There was so much positivity, strength and sisterhood amongst the almost one million people that were there that day. Women, men, even kids – with such clarity of purpose.

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This energy has pulsed within me since.

Because the march was more than just a moment. It’s a movement.

If you’d like to get involved, simple daily actions can be found here, here and here.

Rise up. Lift your camera. Share your voice.

I’ll be right next to you.

xo, Christa

Musee D’Orsay

I am loving this Springtime weather in nyc! It’s making me so excited for the upcoming Fine Art Paris Retreat, and I just added two more spots, so we have two seats open now for ladies only. So I thought I’d post a few pics from one of my fav places in Paris… the Musee D’Orsay – the cafe inside the museum is the only place you’re permitted photos, and it’s just gorgeous! The palette is sublime. You all know I’m a huge fan of white with touches of black and gold… not to mention the paintings and sculptures…

Spring also brings change, and oh my we’ve got a lot of changes going on around here, so stay tuned. We also have a fun giveaway coming up this week so watch out for that 🙂

Lots of love & inspiration,


Lovers at the Louvre

For Valentine’s Day, in honor of Lovers and Fine Art…

(Both completely rock my world and give me passion for every day.)

 Lots of love, nudity and inspiration…

xoxo, Christa

Monet at Musee´ de l’Orangerie

Couldn’t you just get lost in these colors? I’m missing Paris, and thought I’d post some fine art inspiration for your weekday. I love when art & the environment it’s housed in is so perfectly suited for each other, and Monet at Musee´ de l’Orangerie is a sublime example. Take a peek…

…settles my soul, I tell ya.

To see another fine art space that is truly magical and lights my fire, check out one of my favorite posts: Passion at Musee´ Rodin.

Live inspired,

Christa xoxo

Tuscan Spin on a Vespa!

When in Italy, a cruise on a Vespa is required!
(Cute boy also required.)

I just love that face!

A great big THANK YOU to Leo, my little fratello italiano!

…for being such a cutie and letting us use your bike 🙂

zoom zoom,


Passion at Musee Rodin, Paris!

Just got back from an incredible two-week vacation – 3 beautiful carefree days in Venice and 11 glorious day in PARIS filled with art, fashion, food, wine, photographs, and everywhere – l’amour! My awesome friend Natasha met me there for the most girly-girl trip ever! A blissful indulgent holiday that brought me offline and back to everything I love.

One of the standout experiences for me was the Musee Rodin. The emotion in every sculpture, the gorgeous soft colors and light, the sheer beauty and passion filling up this historical space & garden… it was almost too much to bear. Thank goodness I was allowed to use my camera.

Here are some of my favorite moments, colors, and moods from Musee Rodin.

Here’s a shot my friend took of me looking out at the inspiring garden of Musee Rodin. It’s blurry, but I love it anyway!

I’m back in Florence and getting ready to welcome the gals for our week-long Fine Art Nude Photo Workshop & Retreat starting this Sunday!  And even though my bum is seated at my desk in this villa in Italy, my mind keeps wandering back to Paris!  Bear with me 🙂

lots of love and inspiration!

x. Christa

The Colors of Capri & Sorrento!

One of the wonderful things about traveling across Italy is all the different colors of each region. Tuscany is all sunshiny yellow, terracotta red, and cypress green. Whereas, Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast have a plethora of gorgeous jewel tones to get lost in… from the colorful tiles, boats & buildings, to the yummy blue/green of the sea & sky and bright citrus colors of the lemon groves and orange trees… all of it delicious!

Yes, Hello!… Two beautiful views from high atop Capri. You have to ride a little lift to get to the top.

Carciufi (artichoke) was in high season when I visited. It’s my favorite dish to cook in Italy! ok, it’s the only dish I cook in Italy 🙂

Poodles and men in newsboy caps are abundant in Sorrento – both are great characters!

Limoni are everywhere along the Amalfi Coast! and there are so many delicious treats made with the local harvests: limoncello, lemon chocolate, lemonade… yummmm!

If you get a chance to visit Italy, make sure to stop on by the Amalfi coast and enjoy the local color and some limoncello.


x. Christa

Street Performance, Firenze

On the street, near Piazza San Marco.

I love old men in hats, devoted to their music…

More from bella Italia all month long…

Enjoy the music!

x. Christa

Wisteria and Sunshine

Have you seen the movie Enchanted April? It’s one of my favorite English Italian movies – I have a whole list! This one’s a chick flick about a group of British women who escape their dreary lives and the London rain for a season of paradise at a villa in Italy that promises “lots of wisteria and sunshine.”

Now, if you’ve been to a beautiful Italian villa during Spring, then you know that promise is true. Here are a few shots around the streets of my own little corner of paradise where I stay when I’m in Florence. Enjoy the wisteria and sunshine!

I’m getting so excited for my summer trip to Italy, starting on Monday – yay! and I am going to be shooting a plethora of nudes in and around the villa, so stay tuned for all that deliciousness on the blog soon!

Quick Announcement:
There are ONLY 2 SEATS LEFT for my NUDE PHOTO WORKSHOP & RETREAT in Italy! Sept 4th – 9th at my villa in Firenze! Read all the JUICY DETAILS and REGISTER NOW!

Sorry fella’s, this Retreat is for WOMEN ONLY 🙂

lots of love & nudity,

x. Christa

Siena, Italy!

Let’s be honest. We all have sorely missed the blog posts from ITALIA! I am getting so freaking excited for my summer trip back to Italy, that I’m going into my archives from this past Spring and my days spent shooting/living/loving the Tuscan countryside to share the pics you haven’t seen!

First stop: a classic Tuscan medieval hill town, gorgeous Siena!

The town is built on a series of hills, and it’s so steep that outdoor cafe tables are balanced on stilts!

Doorways everywhere are adorned by Bacchus, god of wine, and chianti bottles in celebration of this region’s overflowing and divine vino rosso!

These were shots I took from the top of the Bell Tower, 505 steps up through narrow stone staircases, but well worth it!

View from the tower of the city’s main center, Piazzo del campo Siena.

Ah, youth!

..and speaking of youth, why are you letting a single more day go by without booking your trip to Italy this summer!!

If ya missed it, peek at all of my Italian pics and stories, including Firenze Street Art, hot Men of Italia, my Villa in Firenze, and a Nude Photo Session with women built out of stone!

a presto!

x. Christa
ps. Keep your eyes peeled to the blog for more of my Tuscan frolicking, including Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, and more from my backyard of Firenze.

Shooting up a Storm in NYC!

Just a quick little note while I am in the happy busy midst of relocating my business and life to NYC!! I am totally LOVING it, and shooting up a steamy hot NYC boudoir storm – lots more to come soon 🙂

Thanks to all of you for the comment-love regarding this new site, my new city, and the new Online Boudoir Workshop – soooo many sexy awesome things happening, and I can’t wait to share more!

lots of love,

x. Christa

Tuscany Road Trip!

A Springtime joyride through Tuscany! Sun shining and wind breezing as we take in breathtaking landscapes, vineyards, castles, villa’s and vino…

Tuscany wouldn’t be Tuscany without cypress trees, whether in a glorious rows or a singular cypress artfully placed on a hilltop…

I had a designated driver for half of the trip – lucky me 🙂 because I was in for some serious wine-tasing coming up!…

Our first stop was Greve in Chianti, and we headed over to le cantine, this lovely underground chateu looking joint, which is the largest wine shop in Chianti. There are over 140 wine’s to taste! as well as olive oil, balsamic, and grappa tastings, plus free salami, olives, cheese and bread…

You simply purchase a tasting card with some credit and enjoy tastings at your pace, leisure and pleasure…

The sun started to set, and we got back on the road!

…and now off to Siena! more pics from the next leg of my journey posting real soon!

and ps. the response to the Online Boudoir Workshop has been tremendous! It’s going to be incredible! I’ve received a bunch of questions about the schedule – is it live or pre-taped, etc. So you can now find out How it Works and still Win a Free Seat! over on the post for the Online Boudoir Workshop. Hope to see you there!


x. Christa