Sunday Jazz on a Tuesday



Easy like Sunday Morning… it was such a great day in southern California on Sunday, one where the air just has you feeling grateful for every little simple thing. I had an early shoot with the Wachler family, and it just shouldn’t be right to laugh that much on the job… well I guess I shouldn’t laugh at the kids.

We had such a great time, and then I walked over to theFarmer’s Market on Swathmore, where this beautiful man was playing some sweet jazz. And what a face! He didn’t seem to mind me all up in his business taking shots, and when he finished playing, he just gave me this big humble adorable smile (below). I was on such a high, I left the market with two bunches of my favorite flowers, ten containers of healthy home-made soup, and one huge smile on my face. Until I got home, and then I thought What am I doing with all this soup?!


Is this not a GREAT FACE??