In Like a Lioness




March definitely came in like a lion, with two shoots on Sunday that couldn’t be more different – a newborn and family session in the morning and a boudoir session in the afternoon. After photographing the loving and energetic Hubbard family at their home (see post tomorrow), I hurried over to my studio to meet Lisa for a bit of boudoir! She had arrived early (so eager, I love it) and was sitting in front of my studio with bags and bags of lingerie, cozy blankets, and a Gelson’s bagful of wine and cheese – my kind of girl! As we picked our favorite outfits, Lisa’s up-for-anything and faithful friend Christine showed up to join the fun and lend support… Christine turned out to be an amazing assistant and I want to hire her! All I had to say was cue the wind! and she was right there with the fan on Lisa’s hair. She even lotioned up Lisa’s legs – now that’s a good friend. My job was easy – Lisa is gorgeous with beautiful skin, stunning green eyes, fabulous hair and a playful spirit.

The next couple of hours were a frenzy of snacking, laughing, curling hair, chatting, bending, flirting and seducing… all the while, shooting… I had the best time! Lisa’s goal was to get beautiful and sexy photos for her boyfriend that captured her sweet and seductive sides… well congratulations Lisa, mission accomplished! Here are a few of the more modest shots – I was experimenting with a new lens (85mm 1.2), which I love and now wonder how I ever did without.

Look for the highlights from Sunday’s newborn shoot in tomorrow’s post as well as thoughts from my recent trip to Vegas for WPPI, and thank you for all the kind comments – keep ‘em coming and let me know what you think! 🙂