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PartnerCon, N’awlins baby!

Awesome Announcement… I am jumping for joy to have been invited to speak, shoot, and teach at PartnerCon 2010 in New Orleans!  This conference hosted by Pictage includes 3 days of speaker sessions, hands-on shooting workshops, leading exhibitor demonstrations, networking, and tons more.  Seriously, this event is a phenomenal value and guaranteed to inspire, elevate and empower you!  I am beyond excited to be teaching alongside some of the best photographers in the industry and very cool people: Joe Buissink, Mike Colon, Carlos Baez, Sara France, and dozens more.  Registration is open! so Register Now as seating is limited to 500 and will sell out.  Plus, it’s in New Orleans baby – I mean c’mon!

Redefining Boudoir: a Fushion of Fashion, Fine Art & Portraiture
Wednesday, Nov. 10th 3:15pm

Let’s get inside the current market explosion in Boudoir Photography and what women are secretly seeking from a boudoir photographer. Learn how to bring a high end look to your pictures by combining a fashion and fine art sensibility with portraiture and creating a signature look that’s in demand and sets you apart. I’ll show you how to win over clients and create raving fans as well as how to work with women and get the best out of each client on a shoot. I’ll also reveal the top ways to increase sales which is all about exceeding expectations, creating emotion in your work and providing a once in a lifetime experience for your clients. Open to all registered participants.

Shooting Workshop: How to Capture the Top 10 Boudoir Money Shots™
Thursday, Nov 11th 8:00am

The title says it all here.  This workshop is hands on (just like I like it) and will be a mixture of demo and one-on-one coaching! I’m passionate about what I do as well as inspiring others and empowering them to do the same. I have a simple approach that translates to photographers at every level, so please join me 🙂 Open to only 15 participants – registration for this shooting workshop has not been opened yet.  Check back on my blog for updates – I will announce when Registration for this event officially opens.

NEW! Mini Boudoir Photography Sessions
Thursday, Nov 11th 11:00am – 5:00pm

When I travel, I find myself being asked by the female photogs in the crowd for mini boudoir sessions!  Well, I definitely rise to demand, so I will make time for a few sexy fashion/fine-art boudoir shoots!  I’m so excited for this – and we don’t have to stay in the hotel – I’d like to take it to the streets!  Give me a buzz 310.909.8957 for more details and to book your shoot.

Thank you truly for all the emails, questions and comments – I love hearing from you!  Hope to see you in New Orleans and please drop me a note at christa (at) and say hello if you’d like more information on workshops and/or boudoir shoots 😉

Hope to see you in New Orleans!


Wildcat Nude Workshop, No. 2

Inspired by Light, Shadow, Line & Form… and as always the camaraderie of women.  This second installment of pics from the Wildcat Nude Photo Workshop led by Kim Weston and myself truly represents my feeling about natural light and shadow – I love both!  Equally.  I am also a huge fan of women, and the power of heartfelt contact, connection and friendship.

All photographs created at Wildcat Hill, Big Sur, CA August 2010 by Christa Meola







To get on the mailing list for the next Wildcat Nude Workshop, email christa (at)  Click to see the first installment of pics from Wildcat Nude, No. 1 Inspired by Art.

More to come 🙂   As well as announcing my next speaking engagement… in New Orleans!

Christa xo


Uptown and Downtown

This girl works both ends of that spectrum… one of the last shoots done at my studio, Kaylyn was a blast to photograph since she indulges my love of variety.  We started elegant and fashion-loving in the studio, then stepped outside for some gritty cinematic action, and ended up at the beach for some good clean commercial fun.

All photographs created at Christa Meola Pictures Studio, Los Angeles, CA copyright 2010 by Christa Meola
Hair & Make-up: Cyndi Ochoa









For Photographers: The film noir photos are all available light at dusk with just the outdoor lights of my building casting some seriously cool light/shadow against the brick and enhanced in Lightroom with the Graduated Filter tool (one of my favorite lighting tricks!)… I talk about how to do it in my new book Exposed, The Art of Photographing Women.  Official announcement and details coming soon 🙂  Plus, more fine art nudes from the Weston + Meola Wildcat Nude Workshop.

Stay tuned yo.




Wildcat Nude Workshop, No. 1


Inspired by Art… Just got back to LA from a wonderfully inspiring stay at the Weston estate and the Wildcat Nude Photo Workshop led by Kim Weston and myself.  Last Thursday, when I first walked into Kim’s private studio and saw his paintings on the wall, I was feeling newly infused with inspiration and creativity. The gallery style studio reminded me of when I worked at an art gallery in LA and when I traveled through Europe stopping at every atelier I could find. I am so overwhelmed with love for art, artists, muses, fellow photographers, and the graciousness of everyone in our community. I am hard pressed to verbalize how grateful I am to lead a life filled with passion, art and beautiful people… so I will just leave it to my photographs to express it for me.

All photographs created at Wildcat Hill, Big Sur, CA August 29, 2010 by Christa Meola




I will be blogging the rest of my fav picks from the Workshop as well as share all of the news that has kept me so wonderfully busy this summer.

Stay tuned for more!

xx, Christa