Book a Photo Shoot

Want to plan a uniquely sexy getaway to NYC?…

Your Private Shoot is more than a photography session — it’s transformation and a full-tilt celebration of confidence, silliness, and everything that makes you feel gorgeous — at a luxe location in NYC or a destination of your choosing — complete with professional stylists, makeup & hair, skillful art direction, laughter, music, revelry and champagne at every turn.

Most of my clients are not models. They’re soccer moms, CEOs, curvy gals, cancer survivors…women who “always wanted to” but thought they “never could.” Even if you think you’re “not photogenic” or you live in a pair of sweatpants — we will uncover your inner vixen and you’ll absolutely love your photographs!

We’ll do your shoot on Friday or Saturday, peek at your shiny new photographs during happy hour on Sunday, and you’ll unwrap your immortalized sexiness very soon after that…

Want a custom handmade leather-bound photo album, black & white fine art piece, or a cheeky voyeuristic peep-show package?
You got it.

Want a jolt of irrepressible confidence and a lightning bolt of sensual prowess that will blow your hubby away or make your ex drool?

Want a series of photos you’ll happily show off — on your website, on your book jacket, on facebook, or in that forthcoming Vogue magazine profile?
Let’s do it.

Each Private Shoot is a celebratory custom-designed experience, with memories that will last you a lifetime.
And the photos will last even longer.

Because honestly, many years from now, don’t you want your granddaughter to see what a lil’ foxtrot you were back in the day?

(I figured.)

Contact me to choose an ideal weekend and dish your dream-shoot details! I believe that if you’ve “always wanted to try this” — you should. And soon. 




P.S. I also adore commissioned projects of the non-boudoir variety — I’ve done editorial shoots and portrait commissions for champion athletes, entrepreneurs, award-winning celebrities & best-selling authors. New challenges turn me ON, so let’s get this party started!