Rental Gear:LensPro To Go

My go to rental company is one of the largest national online photo and video rental in the business.
Staffed only by working professional photographers and DSLR filmmakers, you can
rest assured, you are in good hands.

Christa’s favorite word-of-mouth tool: StickyAlbums

My favorite new tool for not only adding so much value to my clients experience
but also delivering exceptional word of mouth marketing.

Outsource Your Retouching: Colorati

Colorati works hard to make sure they process images to your preferences
before they even edit your first order. All of their production crew is under the same roof,
which makes quality control and consistency so tight.
Their turnaround time is amazing.

Photoshop Actions that Christa uses for every session: Totally Rad Actions

These actions have simplified my post processing work-flow and expedited
my turn around of time. Definitely check them out.

Favorite album: Leather Craftsmen

Simply the most gorgeous albums available and their customer service is top notch!

Studio Must Have: BLOWiT Fans

The fan allows both directional and angle adjustments that provide precise targeting to create perfect wind-blown hair. The universal mounting clamp attaches to light stands and provides easy access to control the speed and direction of airflow.

Album Workflow: AlbumExposure

A better, more effective way to present, proof, and sell more albums. Keep communication clear and revisions quick by giving your clients an easy interface to provide detailed feedback. Use the “Share” feature to create public album presentations and embed on your blog, website, or share via email to promote your studio and sell more albums.

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