I more than doubled my income! Attending Christa’s workshop changed my life. Do you want to be a better photographer? Be more successful? Do you want to meet an incredibly talented, warm, successful photographer who has no qualms about sharing all of her secrets? If YES, then I highly recommend Christa’s workshops!”
Robin Hultgren, Walnut Creek, CA,
“I had my highest portrait sale ever of $4,700 thanks to Christa!”
Lisa Roah, Orange County, CA,
“I am in love with my work again.”
Christopher Medak, Manhattan Beach, CA
Best money I’ve ever spent on my business. Period. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. In the short time since Christa’s workshop, I gave notice at my day job, I am fully booked with shoots, and I was voted ‘Best Family Photographer in San Francisco.’”
Erin Nelson, San Francisco, CA,
“If you want to go to the next level, this is the workshop. It challenges you to think BIG
Jill Martin, Santa Barbara, CA,
“Christa’s workshop is worth way more than it costs.
Maggie Keegan Gross, Valencia, CA,
“If you want to learn about boudoir photography, Christa’s workshop is a must!
Karen Wolfe, Lake Tapps,WA,
I’m making WAY more money! Christa’s workshop made a huge difference! I gained the confidence to know exactly what to do to get the photos I want.”
Jennifer Robertson, Geneva, IL,
“Christa’s workshop is not-to-be-missed! It’s for those who want to be the BEST!
Melissa Hart Dobbs, Manvel, TX
I grew leaps and bounds with my own business. Christa’s workshop gave me direction. Highly recommend.”
Lesley Stefanski, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands,
Worth every penny, definitely recommend, what a treasure trove of information!
John P. Dunnigan, Forest Hill, MD,
“It’s the first workshop I walked away from saying how wonderful it was and how it was worth every single penny.
Stephanie Piscitelli, Bridgewater, MA,
EPIC!!!! I have a new outlook.
Melissa Lin Huddlston-Smith, Moreno Valley, CA
Worth every penny. This is the workshop for those who want to stand out in the photography community.
Allie Lindsey, Temecula, CA
“Christa’s workshop just blew me away!… an amazing experience!
Rita Spevak, Chicago, IL
“Had the most amazing time & learned so much my head is still spinning.”
Allison Smoley, Temecula, CA
“Christa’s workshop is a reveal all – figuratively and literally! There isn’t a subject she doesn’t cover or a question she won’t answer! If you want to really LEARN how TO DO IT – this is THE workshop.
Shani Barel, Sherman Oaks, CA,
“OMG!!!! I LOVE this workshop. It’s the best thing that happened to me and my business.
Bethany Grove, Holts Summit, MO
“Absolutely the best, most thought out, well-taught, impactful class I have ever taken! Truly priceless!
Jennifer Robertson, Geneva, IL,
Christa’s workshop was so AMAZING!!! It was worth every penny and I can’t believe how much I got out of it. I recommend it to anyone starting out or looking for a fresh approach to their photos!”
Heidi Walter, Manhattan Beach, CA,
The BEST workshop I’ve taken by far. I’ve taken several workshops (kind of a workshop junkie), and Christa’s is full of rich content. HIGHLY recommend.”
Margie Mobley, Scottsdale, AZ,
CONTENT RICH!!! Incredible!! I’ve never been given this much useful information in one workshop before. Whatever level of photographer you are, you will benefit from this workshop. Guaranteed.
Hannah Skye, Huntington Beach, CA,
The best money and time that I have ever spent on pursuing a passion. Regardless of experience or genre, if you’re interested in shooting portraits, this is the most comprehensive workshop A to Z you will find.”
Herb Irvin, Ft. Collins, CO
Christa shares a ton of knowledge. I now have a full toolbox of DO’s to take with me that I know will complement and add to my clients’ WOW factor!”
Scott W Robinson, Pekin, IL
THE best workshop I have ever taken – hands down. Worth every cent (plus some)! Really, Christa should be charging double. This workshop is Honest. Real. Packed with tons of valuable information!
Kim Mallory, Chilliwack BC,
“Christa’s workshop is a MUST DO!
Jacqueline O’Neill, San Gabriel, CA,
Highly recommend! I only wish Christa’s workshop was available when I was first starting out. It would have made things a lot easier!”
Nicole Cassano, New Castle, PA,
I am more confident knowing The Money Shots™ because now I go into a shoot with a game plan!”
Aimelie Ronquillo, Chesapeake, VA
“Awesome. Invaluable. Incredible. LOVED everything about it. Christa’s workshop is priceless.
Michelle Kidd, Itasca, IL
“Christa’s Money Shots™ are GOLD!
Desiree Aldeguer, San Bruno, CA,
Absolutely recommend! I’ve learned how to coach my clients better and find the beauty in movement!”
Jen Johnson, Tustin, CA,
“A great experience! I definitely recommend Christa’s workshop! I have gained extraordinary confidence and vision. I shoot and edit completely differently now. I get a lot more quality and sooo many more usable images.”
Sharon Wilson, Augusta, GA,
“Christa’s workshop is an intoxicating mixture of awesome experience and practical advice that beautifully fleshes out all the areas that have held most of us back. Now we can fly!”
Christopher Medak, Manhattan Beach, CA
I have benefitted TREMENDOUSLY!! Better photos, editing time cut in half, much more confident working with clients and much more FUN during shoots!”
Erin Brannan, Highlands Ranch, CO,
“I loved everything, seriously EVERYTHING about this workshop! It was worth every single damn penny spent. Hands down.
Dawn Sela, Beacon, NY
“Watching Christa work with light is nothing less than magical. Christa made the one-light set-up look easy, inspired me to try it, and I’m loving it.”
Kim Mallory, Chilliwack, BC,
“I got way more then I paid for! Don’t hesitate, sign up. You won’t regret it!
Heather Gill, Scottsdale, AZ
“If you are just starting out, Christa’s workshop will get your business started with a bang! If you’re already in business, it will take your business to a whole new level!”
Bethany Grove, Holts Summit, MO
Highly recommend. Christa’s energy and care for her students really comes through”
John Cornicello, Seattle, WA,
“I’ve been doing photography for 11 yrs now, but Christa still showed me tricks that improved my work. Her workshop is very complete and makes it easy to put the lessons into practice.”
Karine Huard, Montreal, Quebec,
“I highly recommend you TAKE CHRISTA’S WORKSHOPS!!!! WITHOUT A DOUBT one of the BEST PERSONAL EXPERIENCES for me as an aspiring photographer.”
Leticia Torres EHT, NJ
“Definitely take this course!”
Kelly Johnsen, Pewaukee, WI,
“Christa’s workshop was an absolute blast! I’m fortunate to have been a part of it, and I highly encourage others to take it.”
Stacie Frazier, Henderson, NV,
Highly recommended. It is such a quality workshop that shows lots of time and thought was put into it.”
Barbara Andrews, Scotts Valley, CA
“This is the best workshop I have ever attended! I would totally recommend this workshop to every boudoir photographer out there! The format was amazing, and it was so informative and fun!”
Cathy Empey, Langley, BC
Christa doesn’t hold back anything. I was in a rut with my sessions, and now I am a new person!”
Kathy Posey, Clovis, CA,
Amazing workshop. Would recommend highly.
Maria Carey, Nantucket, MA,
Christa has great energy and great advice. Highly recommend.
Barbara Mistic, Greenville, PA,
“The Top 10 Money Shots™ are FABULOUS! The ass shot will never be the same!”
Dawn Sela, Beacon, NY
“The Money Shots™ and the post-production tips alone are worth the cost of the workshop.”
Lynn Clark, Denver, CO,
Christa’s Money Shots are amazing and invaluable information!”
Kim Mallory, Chilliwack BC,
“Christa’s workshop was worth every cent! It covered all aspects of the business, was so informative and SO much fun!”
Melissa Kilgore, Tupelo, MS,
Worth the money and, I totally recommend it.
Danea Burleson, Campbell, CA,
Christa’s Workshop is career changing! Sign up!
Anya Grabau, Jacksonville, FL
“I would 1000% recommend this workshop to every photographer!This workshop has EXCEEDED every expectation I had, and they were pretty high going in.”
Michelle Kidd, Itasca, IL
“This is a great chance to get very personal with a pro.”
Ole Vangsgaard, Holstebro, Denmark,
“If you want to save years of indecision and struggle, then take Christa’s workshop. For what you get, the value far exceeds the cost.”
Deborah Kolb, Woodland Hills , CA,
“Seeing Christa in action, executing what she discussed beforehand, was educational and inspiring! I now have a better plan, both in shooting and in my business.”
Desiree Aldeguer, San Bruno, CA,
”Christa is truly a force of nature. I enjoyed the workshop immensely – such a rad learning experience
Jill Martin, Santa Barbara, CA
“Just wanted to thank you for the difference you have made in my life as a boudoir photographer. I am writing this only about a month after reading your amazing book and being fortunate enough to have a mentoring session with you. Already, I see my sales are up over $4000 compared to last year at the same time. I hadso many light bulbs going off in my head while we discussed my business concerns, it was truly mind blowing! Not only are you an incredibly talented photographer, but also a savvy business woman and an all-around class act! The boudoir photography industry is so lucky to have you!”
Stacie Frazier, Henderson, NV,
“Christa’s Boudoir book is the absolute best on the market!!!! Not only is it informative (the best!) but it’s a fine art coffee table book to boot!”
Kim Harrison Nodurft
“Well worth it – It’s what I needed to move my business to the next level.
Milisa Smith, Riverside, CA
“I just used the Client Prep Form I got at your workshop, and oh gosh, THANK YOU!! I’m so excited to work with my client now and feel I’m going to give her the best session possible because of you!”
Lesley Stefanski, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands,
Christa is truly talented, inspirational and generous with her knowledge. Cannot portray how wonderful this workshop has been.”
Maria E. Carey, Nantucket, MA
“I particularly like Christa’s photoshop methods. Really brilliant tips here. I’ve taken a bunch of courses that explore various methods but her’s fit very well with the way I want to work.”
John Cornicello, Seattle, WA,
“WOW! I was glued to my computer screen watching Christa’s post-production videos! I was amazed at how little she does, but how it makes a HUGE impact. Honestly, her Lightroom and Photoshop videos for me have been the MOST informative, and I am actually so excited to get some editing done now!”
Erin Michelle, Denver, CO,
“This is by far the best Lightroom tutorial I’ve ever seen! Quick, concise and to the point. Makes it easy to learn when your kids are running around the house. Also, loved how Christa showed us her complete workflow and images. She is so talented and confident and not afraid to show everything. I love it!”
Desiree Aldeguer
Workshop was SO awesome. Took me from being a new didn’t know where I wanted to go photographer, to a clear vision and the confidence to achieve it! Truly priceless!”
Jen Robertson, Geneva, IL,
“I want more of Christa’s Workshop! So inspiring and it was the most helpful and best money and time I’ve spent in my 3 year photography career! Her workshop is career changing!
Anna Anacolba
Money and Time well invested! This was an awesome experience. I am SO glad I made the decision to do this workshop!
Michael T. Sedwick, South Elgin, IL
“OMG Christa! EXPOSED is AMAZING! I swear it is the holy grail of boudoir! I need another copy so I have one to highlight the heck out of and one to just gaze at.”
Stacie Frazier, Henderson, NV,
I’ve received enormous benefits from EXPOSED, the ‘boudoir bible’!!! From prepping to shooting and wowing my client!!! For boudoir photographers, EXPOSED is a must have. “
Sally LeDrew, St. John’s, Newfoundland,
“I decided EXPOSED was worth the cost and bought it because I’ve been really inspired by Christa’s site and the fact that she shares her techniques. EXPOSED is gorgeous, and I’m so glad I bought it!! Christa’s book is very unique and takes boudoir photography to a whole new level, combining a naturalness with high-fashion gloss, a winning combination! I definitely recommend EXPOSED to others!”
Jill Martin, Santa Barbara, CA
EXPOSED is truly a workshop in a book. This is my boudoir bible! My copy has so many flagged pages that it appears to have sprouted wings. Christa is open in sharing her secrets of success and is written on a personal level, as if you are having a conversation with Christa. And the pictures are so inspiring! No matter what level you’re at with your photographic career, if you are interested in the boudoir business, this is THE book!
Cynthia Haynes, San Diego, CA
I have had EXPOSED for 3 days and I can’t put it down!! I was up until 2am reading it last night and now it’s on my desk with me while I edit. Its beautiful with loads of great information and stunning photographs!”
Kim Mallory, Chillawack, BC,
“Christa’s book EXPOSED gave me the extra confidence I needed to pull off my first boudoir shoot successfully! Plus, seeing all her gorgeous work in the book gave me wonderful ideas for things to try on the shoot! I’m thrilled with the results, and now I know what works well for me!”
Lori Yohe, Hermosa Beach, CA,
Since reading EXPOSED, I have seen changes in both quality and quantity of my work. My boudoir images have so improved, and I have received many clients inquiring about a session after I showcased my work incorporating Christa’s methods. The entire book is full of useful information that I refer to again and again. EXPOSED is an amazing tutorial!”
Adita Perez, Manahawkin, NJ,
EXPOSED is amazing! I was blown away when I opened it! My business is mostly family photography, but I’ve been itching to do boudoir for the last year since I discovered Christa’s blog and how amazing boudoir photography can be! EXPOSED has already been immensely helpful!”
Maggie Keegan Gross, Los Angeles, CA,
“I highly recommend this workshop! Unlike any other workshop I’ve taken. It wasn’t a “look at how fabulous I am” workshop, it was a “look how fabulous YOU can be” workshop!!”
Christine Haws, Santa Monica, CA,
I have been on fire since the workshop! It kicked my creativity and inspiration into overdrive. I can’t wait to do another one!”
Jill Amanda, Santa Barbara, CA
Best time and money I’ve spent! Since taking Christa’s workshop, the way I run my business has dramatically transformed. My editing time has been cut in half and my workflow much simpler, leaving more time for me, my family, and being creative – which in itself is priceless.”
Kristen Penza, South Pasadena, CA,
Best workshop I’ve ever taken!!!!!! I learned more about the art and business of portrait photography at Christa’s workshop than I did in four years of college (and it cost much less 🙂 Anyone who asks me I tell themit’s SO worth it! Sign up!
Shani Barel, Sherman Oaks, CA,
“It was worth every dime. Christa is so passionate about her craft and pushes you beyond what you think you’re capable of.”
Lori Eng, Vancouver, BC,
“Christa has such great testimonials that I had really high expectations. She has such a great business mind and is such a great teacher. Christa’s workshop is a must! She will help you simplify your business and focus on what really matters.

Ps. I think she should charge more for her workshops!”

Jennifer Robertson, Geneva, IL,
“I just knew it would be worth it, and boy was it! I would recommend Christa’s workshops in a heartbeat. I will definitely be attending another one!”
Jacqueline O’Neill, San Gabriel, CA,
Christa’s workshop changed my life – what she taught really blew my mind. I love Christa’s Money Shots™, which help me out all the time. Now I go to the shoot with confidence because I have an action plan instead of just clicking away. My shoots are now seamless. Christa’s workshop provided me with an action plan, she made everything simple (particularly post processing), and she covered the main key points of what she does day to day in her business.”
Tammy Coombs, Tracy, CA,
“Christa and her workshops are awesome. I really loved learning the psychology behind what she shoots, shows, and sells. Christa gave every attendee individual attention, and her personality, enthusiasm and energy kept us all inspired. I had a blast.”
Marc Javier, San Francisco, CA,
“The whole workshop was a knockout. Christa’s enthusiasm for her career is infectious. Learning the way she handles her business practices and pricing was gold to me. “
Francesco Belvedere, Venice, CA,
“I absolutely recommend mentoring with Christa. Getting advice from someone who knows the business, who is passionate about the art of photography, and who is genuinely interested in your personal, professional and financial success is invaluable! You can’t put a price tag on that!
Hannah Skye, Orange County, CA,
If you have the opportunity to mentor with Christa, do so and you will not be disappointed. I have noticed big changes since my mentoring session with her. I like her professionalism, how she keeps it real and most of all FUN! I highly recommend Christa as a mentor. ”
Rafeal Vaszquez, Mira Loma, CA
“With Christa’s mentoring, I went from using a point and shoot camera and a love of photos to having a very profitable photography business in less than 6 months. Based off Christa’s recommendations for marketing and pricing, I did 30 paid shoots in 2.5 months time and became the “best photographer” (and highest-paid) in my area. With Christa as your personal coach, you will be amazed by the growth you will have. If you are considering mentoring with Christa take the leap and just do it!
Jayne Jewell, Sturbridge, MA,
“I hesitated to make the investment, but the value of mentoring with Christa has been immeasurable! Christa tailors her mentoring based on each person’s strengths and needs, and my sessions were packed! She doesn’t operate on a formulaic basis; there’s no standard agenda. Christa genuinely cares that each student grows and prospers to become the best possible artist and businessperson they can be. Her mentoring is unpretentious, honest, kind and open. She provides an absolute wealth-load of information! The investment is definitely invaluable! I urge you to do it.
Cynthia Haynes, San Diego, CA
“So comprehensive and informative. I LOVE that Christa explains in specific detail how everything you do translates to sales.”
Michelle Kidd, Itasca, IL
The calls with Christa are super kick ass f’n cool! Great info as always, and I love that Christa takes the time to answer all the questions with in-depth, full blown answers.”
“Christa’s Italy Workshop was the best workshop ever in my life! If you ever thought about taking a workshop with her, DO IT!!!! She is the best! And it’s the best money I ever spent!
Demese Black-James, Hayward, CA
I loved loved the retreat. No way can it be called a workshop, it was that and so much more. It was exactly what I needed, on so many levels!”
Ana Alcobia, Mem-Martins, Portugal
“Christa’s workshop was so amazing for my business, words can’t describe how much it was worth to me!
Alison Smoley, Temecula, CA
Christa’s workshop is very different than others I’ve taken, and if you shop around for workshops, you will realize that Christa’s is very reasonably priced.”
Tammy Coombs, Tracy, CA,
Just DO IT! Highly Recommended! Amateur or Pro, you’re bound to find out more about your own prowess as a photographer and business-person!”
Scott W Robinson, Pekin, IL
“Christa is so open and friendly. Her workshop was like learning from a friend.”
Olesha Haskett, Baltimore, MD,
“I love the Money Shots™! I’m not freezing up anymore!”
Courtney Paris, Knobs, IN
“I learned so much watching Christa in action. Her behind-the-scenes videos were the BOMB!
Melissa Hart Dobbs, Manvel, TX
“I feel super confident about my brand and the clients to attract. Ready to go out and rock my business!”
Candace Mendes, Huntington Beach, CA,
“The workshop has given me the confidence to start my own business!”
Sherry McNeill, Manassas, VA
I totally recommend this workshop! I have the ‘I can do this now!’ feeling.”
Raquel LoVetere, Redondo Beach, CA,
“The workshop was AMAZING!! JUST DO IT!!! You will learn SO much!!!”
Barbara Bellatari–Kastner, Bradenton, FL
Very impressive. It’s obvious that Christa put a lot of thought and work into this workshop.”
Lisa Neighbors, Boston, MA,
I definitely recommend this workshop! It’s very thorough. I’m so glad I was a part of it!!”
Dee Boyte, Clinton, MS,
THE best money I have ever spent on my business! Do it.”
Erin Brannan, Highlands Ranch, CO,
If you’re offering boudoir sessions, or even thinking about it, TAKE THIS CLASS! It is so jam packed full of great info. This class is priceless for your business.
Donna Boyle, Rochester, NY
After taking Christa’s workshop, I’m more confident and focused on my goals. Shooting for variety and editing for emotion really does increase sales!!!
Lavona Gelardi, Woodland, CA
This is a must-take workshop! So much inspiration, so much to learn, and so much fun as well!
Lily Yip, Daly City, CA
After the workshop, I have gone from wanting to start a portrait business to knowing how to do it.
Claire Mallett, Los Angeles, CA
Whether you’re a newbie or someone who has been shooting for a long time, there’s so much material here and such rich food for thought. It’s empowering, uplifting and inspiring!
Johnson Sarkissian, Brooklyn, NY
Best investment I’ve made in the last decade–not only for my photography business, but for all the ways the exercises & the process could be applied to the rest of my life!
Alice Kuo Shippee, Palos Verdes Estates, CA
It has given me the biggest burst of inspiration for every aspect of my business!
Terri Trawick, Mustang, OK
“There are probably a total of ten people in this industry that I would put on Christa’s level (and I’ve seen just about everyone). Having seen Christa teach, I can tell you that she is one of the best pure instructors in the industry. Most of her workshops sell out and I think the reason is because she works so hard to make sure people have a great experience.”
Jim Collins, CEO of Pictage,