You’re invited to a FREE workshop on creativeLIVE!

I was beyond jumping up and down excited when the awesome crew at creativeLIVE called me a couple months ago to ask if I’d host their first and only BOUDOIR WORKSHOP! Sitting on this awesome news since then has been torture, and now I’m thrilled to finally share it with you!

Now, in case you’re not already familiar with the company, creativeLIVE is the brainchild of Chase Jarvis, bad ass commercial photographer,  and provides the best creative education on the web – for FREE – and is broadcast LIVE, available for anyone around the world to watch in realtime. Isn’t that crazy awesome? You get a ringside seat to all the action on Feb 10th, 11th & 12th – LIVE from their studio in Seattle, where I’ll be shooting/teaching/hosting a very sassy and sexy BOUDOIR WORKSHOP!

To learn more, CLICK PLAY on the video above.

I would so appreciate your help in making this event even more awesome, in two ways:

1. In the Comments below, tell me what you’d LOVE to learn or see during this workshop.

2. Join me in Seattle! CLICK PLAY to learn more about this unique and totally cool opportunity for 6 photographers to join me for free in the studio and be an integral part of this workshop. I want to see entries from ALL LEVELS and types of photographers (total newbies and seasoned pro’s, digital/film, men/women, canon/nikon) I look forward to seeing all your videos!

Thanks so much to YOU, my awesome blog readers, who bombarded creativeLIVE with requests to see me teach there. I am so honored, grateful and humbled – and I’m freaking psyched to provide a super fun, sexy and smart workshop for you come February.

Lots of love,


ps. make sure to ENROLL FOR FREE right now on the course page so you don’t miss out.